How to make money from your influence

How to make money from your influence
Today we want to learn how we can make money from our influence.
Valued voice is a site that connects advertisers to influencers. An influencer in relation to this  is someone that has a large social media audience.

Today we'd talk about making money from Valued Voice. It's very easy, it's very sweet.
1. Join ValuedVoice.com. It's free and fun. However, somepeople experience difficulties when signing up because the site makes use of pop-ups. So if you disabled pop-ups in your browser, enable it before visiting the site.
2. Add your social media accounts ie Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, you'll have to verify that you are the owner.
In Instagram, you'll be told to update your bio with a code which you'll remove immediately after verification while in the case of Twitter and Facebook, you'll have to give the app access.
3. Add your blogs and YouTube channel.
4. Wait for approval in 24 hours

That is all, then you can start receiving advertising opportunities from companies and organizations.
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