5 Best Ways To Make Money Online As Nigerians

5 Best Ways To Make Money Online As Nigerians
I’m a Nigerian, and you too. The greatest users of the Internet are youths and we mostly need money.
What if the precious time we spend on the internet is converted to cash in our wallets? What if we learn how to utilize the different forums like Nairaland and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for optimum financial benefits, wouldn’t that be a great thing?

Well, the advantages of working online are that anyone can do it. Introverts are the luckiest of all because you can stay indoors, making your money while the whole world is busy walking up and down on daily basis. You are automatically your own boss and can be making as much as you can hustle on a monthly basis. 
These tips I’m sharing are worth a lot of cash. Yea, people pay me to learn them and they are available in my e-books, but I have decided to share them here too. If you follow them carefully, then you’d have a great next month, but if you disvalue it, just as people disvalue freebies, then you continue the way you are. If you are one of the lazy types, forget about all these because we have kept so many sleepless nights to get this far.

1. Blogging: This is my favorite method of making money online. I simply define it as monetizing your hobby. You write on anything you find fun and make money from that. The issue is that many new bloggers don’t make quick money from their blogs, and then they quit. My twin and I manage three blogs together. We co-own and manage Information Guide AfricaReporter 247 and a few other blogs. We started blogging in 2016 but didn’t make a dime until early 2017. We didn’t quit during those periods and now we have our stars to thank. If you want to quit blogging, persist for a little while. Your breakthrough is coming.

There are so many ways to make money from your blog. The most popular is Google AdSense but it’s the most frustrating. My best are sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. They have made us a lot of money from our blogs. You can join Valued Voice, Izea and Blog Dash for sponsored posts. You can also join Amazon and Konga Affiliate, Jumia Affiliate, Whogohost Affiliate, Salary4Life Affiliate, Slourish Affiliate, Peerfly CPA and a few other affiliate programs to stop this Nigerian addiction to AdSense. All you need is a little budget to host your blog on Whogohost or even go for the free blogger hosting. Be hard working and you will make it faster than you can ever imagine.

2. Freelancing: This is also another great source of income. It’s my next favorite after blogging. I have written many things concerning it and it’s a great source of revenue. You can even make a lot of money landing clients on Facebook or join sites like Fiverr. I write for Blasting News and it’s my favorite freelancing site. I have made some good amount of money writing for them and I believe you too can. You can join them too by clicking here. They'd pay you for almost anything you can write! If you sign up and publish five posts within your first month of working there, you get a bonus of $25.

3. Making Money From Social Networking Sites: Of course, I make some good amount of money monthly from my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube handles. If you are a good user of Pinterest, then you can also monetize it. You can join Valued Voice for that. 

4. Affiliate Marketing: I really love this because it can in 24 hours do the wonders your AdSense cannot do in three months. Imaging generating the sale for a $1500 ware at the rate of 10% to the affiliate, you are automatically credited $150. That’s a good amount of money for you, but it will not really matter to the company. There are many sites that can help you generate sales for commissions and a good example of them in Nigeria is Konga. Other sites like Konga AffiliateJumia AffiliateWhogohost AffiliateSalary4Life AffiliateSlourish Affiliate and Peerfly CPA can also pay you for sales you generate.

5. Graphics Designs: This isn’t for all, but for the talented ones. You can create a graphics design for prices ranging from $5 to $50 and even more. I get my clients on Facebook mostly but you can still land clients from Fiverr, infact that’s the hottest. 
Apart from these five, there are so many other things that can pay you off right from the comfort of your room. You can even quit your job when you have gotten a good ground in them, or combine both. In cases like blogging, you have to invest your cash, time or even both for maximum profit. In ones like freelancing and graphics designing, you only invest in software which you’d use such as article spinners or graphics design software. Affiliate marketing will need sponsored posts and ads like Facebook and Twitter ads. 

They all need perseverance and your sweat. In case you need more tutorials on any of the topics, you can contact us or link up to us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram - @TalkTalkTwins@Chimaizuobi and @Onyemaizuchi. We’d be glad to help. The sky is big enough to contain every bird. 

Internet money must be made this year!
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