Blasting News Review: Get Paid For Writing

Blasting News Review: Get Paid For Writing
Blasting News is a site like these 25 magazines and publications That pay well for regular contributors because it pays writers, but in the other hand, it's quite different from them.

What Is Blasting News?

Blasting News is a site launched in 2013 in Italy, and currently,  it has spread to over 34 countries and more than 500,000 blasters (writers).

It is a site that pays you according to the number of views or traffic you generate to them, they pay around $4 - $7 per 1000 views and pay more for traffic generated by you, also, traffic varies with country.

Pros Of Working For Blasting News

- You don't need any formal experience to write for them
- You choose your topics and write on them. That means they allow you write on your passion.
- You work together with other writers. You must include at least two links in-between your articles, that helps you generate traffic to other people's articles and they also do that for you.
- Blasting News is syndicated in Google News, that means more Google traffic and more $$$.

Cons of Working With Blasting News

- Low pay. Like I said earlier, they pay $4-$7 per 1000 and traffic varies from country to country. 
They also pay higher for social media traffic that organic traffic. 
- They reject your articles if you don't follow their guidelines. 
1) Don't include external links in the article. All links must be from Blasting News.
2) You must include sources. To be honest, I didn't include any source for this article how to make money as a student. However, if you are writing a news, you need to include a source so they can verify it.
3) You must include at lease two internal links, external links are not allowed.
4) You must include at lease two sub-headings in your article. 
These are some of them, you can view some of my already published articles here.

Clifford wrote an article on how he made $25 writing for them in a night and I think it'll be good if you read it. It'll help you understand more about it.

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