5 Killer Ways To Make Money From Facebook

5 Ways To Make Money From Facebook
There are so many ways to make money on the internet, and also many ways to do that on Facebook. It's not only Mark Zuckerberg and his employees that are making it from this site, so many people are.
It all depends on your hustles. What do you do there? Just waste your time? Chat and chat with the opposite sex? Building a brand? Getting fame? The choice is yours.
No one pays you to use the site so you've got to pay yourself.

You need a professional bio, about me page and profile picture. Your clients don't know you and so whatever you tell them on your home page, they will most likely believe. Continue reading below and you will be amazed at the amount of money you are burying in your Facebook wall. You can make money today on Facebook through:

- Sponsored posts: There are many sites such as Valued Voice that will help you begin to get sponsored posts on your social media handles. If you're an active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or even blog user, then you should consider signing up with them. Apart from that, if you have a good Facebook influence, firms will start approaching you for sponsorship deals.
You can make a lot of money from there even if you're not a celebrity.

- Affiliate marketing: Who hasn't heard about affiliate marketing? One of the easiest ways to generate your sales from is the social media, and the most used is Facebook. I get my referrals and affiliate revenue mainly from my blogs and Facebook accounts/pages. You can even join relevant Facebook groups to reach out to unlimited people.

3. Selling your products: You can sell your own products on Facebook, whether digital or physical products. I sell my e-books on my wall and they sell well. If you have a second hand phone to sell, you can luckily get a buyer from your wall, same as clothing, jewelries and even books. Anything can sell n your wall. You can even join relevant Facebook groups to reach out to unlimited people.

4. Getting customers for your services: How about getting clients from Facebook, have you tried that? Most of my freelancing clients are all gotten from Facebook. I join groups relevant to my niche so that while I catch fun on the site, I make my money. It's not magic, it's a skill. You too can start benefiting from that today, stop wasting your time and start building a brand today.

5. Getting blog traffic, YouTube views, etc: We all know that traffic is money and money is traffic. It's not enough to write and publish quality articles, what if no one reads them? It is enough to make you quit. You can start getting all your traffic from Facebook groups, pages and your wall today and I bet you, your blogging career will change. Even YouTube views and Blasting News views can all be gotten from Facebook and Blasting News even pay more for Facebook and Twitter traffic.
You can check out our killer guide to monetizing your blog today for further reading.

6. Selling of personal accounts, pages and groups: I deal on Facebook groups, pages and personal accounts as a way of making more money. After growing them, you get a client either on Facebook or a site like Fiverr and sell off the pages and groups. Old Facebook accounts can also be sold. If you are interested in learning how to create a Facebook group with up to 1,000,000 members, Facebook pages of up to 1,000,000 likes and Facebook accounts of 5,000 friends in no time, then check out our e-book on that. It's very affordable, it's immediate delivery!

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