Get Paid To Chat On PEPTribe

What if there was a social networking site that would pay you to chat, join groups, post and to do the creepy things you do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, would you join?

Well, we just discovered that. PEPTribe.info, a new social network for Nigerians will pay you do the silly things you do for free on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
You earn points for doing things like:
- Liking a page
- Joining a group
- Adding a friend
- Inviting your friends
- Updating your status
and many more.

The points are exchanged for airtime, and sent to you. 
You can see from the screenshot above. There are many more to shop, there is so much fun to catch. 

Join now, click PEPTribe.

Payment Proof

This is a proof of the last Airtime I received from PepTribe
PEPTribe payment proof

If you want to know more on Peptribe, please go here!

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