How To Start Making ₦50,000+ Monthly As A Student Without Any Start-up Capital

How To Make Money Listing Off-Campus Hostels As A Student
A website, ATS.NG is presently searching for people, whether students or none students to take pictures of hostels (off-campus) and get paid for every hostel listed there. 

Before we continue, who are the ATS?

The word ATS means 'All Things Students'. They are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the name ATS ADMART INT’L LIMITED (2017). According to them, they currently have directors, five Staff, partners and a good number of student representatives in different campuses and schools in Nigeria. You can visit the Corperate Affairs Commission Site and search for “ATS ADMART” with the search button to confirm their authenticity.

How To Make Money For Finding Hostels

Who is qualified to work with them?

They are searching for you and I, students or non-students, as far as you can take quality photos. Their job is to make the  search for hostels easy for all students and so they work towards it. Just take a clean pictures of the hostel and get paid for it.

What are you expected to do?

- Choose a campus or school of interest
- Visit it with your camera/phone and a note to jot down things
- Take 3 or more photos of each hostel (off-campus)
- Record the:
   - Name of the hostel
   - Amount the occupants pay as rent
   - Address of the hostel
   - Facilities like water, electricity in that hostel
   - and finally, try to give a long description of the hostel.
- Go to ATS.NG and visit the List Hostel page to submit the hostel

What can I earn?

It depends on you. Some students bring like 1-hour daily to go round and gather hostels then upload. Some earn more than 20 points daily (in short within few hours). Each hostel uploaded & approved is 1 point. 1 point = N200. So for each 25 hostels you make N5,000!

How can you request withdrawal of your earnings?

Your earnings are displayed on your account immediately you log-in. Withdrawal requests of your total/accumulated earnings will be deposited into your local bank account once made. To request, just click the Withdraw button, and enter how much you need to withdraw (a point is N200).  Also provide your details (local account number) for withdrawals to be made. The payment threshold is only N5,000 (25 points).

Further instructions?

Describe every hostel with its
- correct name
- correct address
- the amount the occupants pas as rent
- and the correct photos of the hostel. 

You should capture the hostel's name in any of the photos – this it to aid them verify the hostel faster. Avoid adding false hostels, because the hostels will be verified before approval.

For more info, you can e-mail them at socials@ats.ng.

Interesting right? Sign-up now and start making some money.
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