Konga Affiliate Review: How To Get The Best From It

Konga Affiliate Review
The term affiliate marketing has been assigned many different definitions by many different people. One common thing in all the definitions is that's a way of making money. 

What Does Affiliate Marketing Mean?

Let's say Mr. A has a phone company and he wants to sell his phone to Africans, he'll need the help of Mr. B to help him advertise the phone to his desired audience. Then for all things to be fair, he'll give Mr. B a special tracking code to enable him know if Mr. B is actually generating sales or just relaxing. 
That's all. 

In the case of Konga, instead of Konga as a company to produce goods, they sell other company's goods and then pay their affiliates that generated the sales, thereby acting as a middle man between the company and the affiliates.
According to Punch, Konga has over a 100,000 products available in it's store, ranging from fashion products, to gadgets, to books and even home and kitchen products.

They pay the following commissions on sales generated by their affiliates:
9% commission on sale of Fashion products
5% commission on sale of Toys/kids products
3% commission on sale of Home & Kitchen
3% commission on sale of Electronics products

It's also interesting to note that you don't actually need to pay anything to start using the affiliate, all you need to do is to fill this form.

Steps Involved In Signing Up As A Konga Affiliate

- Fill the sign-up form
- Wait for some time for your request to be approved, then your password will be sent to your e-mail
- Log in with the details sent to your e-mail and get links and banners to start promoting.
- Embed the banners on your sites or share the links on your social media  handles (you can shorten them)
- Track your sales through your Konga account dashboard
- On the 30th of every month, Konga will review the sales generated by you and credit them to your bank account. 

Sounds great right
yea it its. If you have any question, kindly drop them in the comment section or contact us and we'll reply asap.
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