How To Start Making $3,000+ Monthly Online From Your Instagram And Pinterest Accounts

How amazing will it be to get some money in your PayPal account, and the source is your Snapchat account?
We have previously shared how you can make money from your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube accounts, but now we just got to know you can actually make some money from that your free fun Snapchat application.

It's just few steps, it's very easy!
1) Sign up for Get Heart Beat.
2) Link your Instagram and Snapchat handles to it.
3) Complete your profile.
4) You can link your Facebook account also to help get more offers.
5) Look out in your email for offers and promotions to do.

It's time we start making money with those free apps on our Androids, Windows and IOS now.

How To Be Selected For More Campaigns In Heartbeat

- Keep your Instagram account public. It's true that not everyone wants the whole world to see them, but leaving your account public makes it to be discovered through hashtags and it automatically gives you much followers.
- Avoid fake followers. 
- Use hash-tags and locations.
- Have your friends tag you when you snap with them. It'll help your account to get noticed.
- Follow as many people as you know. 
- Be active on Instagram.
- Have a Common Aesthetic (Theme).
- Avoid Posting Unprofessional/Unnatural Photos.
- and finally, keep your Heartbeat profile up-to-date

What is remaining?
Step 1: Go to https://getheartbeat.co/login.php and login to your profile! 
You can also login with Instagram, Email, or Amazon - omg! So many options.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with your profile. 
This will be your go to site for all things Heartbeat! You'll find your personalized link or "pulse link" in the top left corner, along with your current pay rate.
- Pay Rate: This is how much you'll earn for posting for specific campaigns.
- Pulse Link: This is your personalized link in your bio that will redirect to different brand landing pages, depending on the campaign you are participating in.
- Discover: On this page, you'll find a newsfeed of campaigns available for you to sign up for! Make sure to apply quickly if anything catches your eye - spots fill up quickly.
- My Campaigns: This is where you'll find campaigns you are in and have completed.
- My Campaign Preferences: Fill out a few quick surveys to let us know what you like! The more answers you share with us, the more campaigns you'll receive fitted to your interests.
- Contact & Location Info: On this page, input your email address, phone number, and address. Why do we ask for this info? If you're in a product campaign, we'll need to be able to contact you and make sure your package makes it to the right place! And who doesn't love some free products?
- Payout Preferences: Make sure you add your PayPal email here! PayPal is the only way Heartbeat pays at this time.
- Connected Accounts: Connect your Facebook, Amazon and Instagram! If you ever need to update your Instagram handle, you can do it here.
- Heartbeat University: Have a question? Check out FAQ's and guides here.

- Exclusives: Get in on amazing deals from Heartbeat brand partners even if you aren't in the campaign.

Heartbeat is a very lucrative way of making money online. If you are a Nigerian, you can make as much as ₦30,000 online from affiliate marketing, I wrote more about that on this page.
The chief to making money online is consistency! If you have tried this, or you need further help, kindly drop us your comment and we will be sure to help!
Kindly share.
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