What Is The Best Hosting In Nigeria?

What Is The Best Hosting In Nigeria
This question is asked by many people. We want to host our blog but don't know the best place to do that.

Well, I recommend Whogohost. I have personally used and confirmed this.
I haven't tried others, because this satisfies me very well but I have seen so many complaints. Some domain registrars stop working for some time and pick up again. At whose expense? What happens to the readers you loose then?
Their services are also very affordable.

Ok...check out this:
.com = N3,900
.org = N4,500
.com.ng = N1,250
.org.ng = N1,250
.ng = N12,000
.site = N1,000
.online = N1,250

As for website hosting, you can get them at your own budget.
N400.00 per month
N600.00 per month
N850.00 per month
N1,350.00 per month
N2,150.00 per month

You can click here to check them out for yourself too. What are you waiting for? Click here, sign up for an account and patronize them for all your web services. They can even build your site for you.
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