Why You Are Not Making Money As A Musician In Nigeria

Why You Are Not Making Money As A Musician In Nigeria
There are so many talented and frustrated young musicians in Nigeria presently.
The Facebook, Twitter and Instagram world is filled up with young and highly dreaming entertainers who are not getting any monetary rewards for their labors. Even the campuses and other tertiary institutions are not left alone as we all have different dreams to chase as academicians. 

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Inspite of all their labors, they are not getting signed into record labels. Your music dies off in your friends' phones and laptops and is later deleted because they can't play them in public, no one knows you exist. This is very discouraging and needs to be curbed. There are so many reasons behind your not selling well as a musical artist, we have outlined some below. 

- You are not singing good music: Who will like to listen to a song he or she doesn’t like? I disliked most of Efe’s songs which I listened to because they weren’t my taste. Many other musicians like Stonebwoy don’t impress me a bit, so to me they don’t sing good music. This doesn’t mean that they are bad musicians; it’s all that tastes vary. Know your genre and target people that will love it, only then will you blow.
- You are not singing in the Nigerian pattern: Nigerians like noisy music even if the lyrics don’t make sense. You will see Olamide and Lik Kesh’s music selling better than Justin Bieber’s music in Nigeria because of our tastes. If you come with Western music to our shores, you might be frustrated along the line. Falz in an interview after releasing his French song, La Fete said it that what Nigerians needed were beats and not lyrics.
You are not original: You want to be like Davido or Wizkid because they are already famous. Why not be yourself? We cannot have two Davidos in one country na. We will love you more than another Davido.
- You are not in a good location: How will Don Jazzy notice and sign you into Mavin when you’re not residing in Lagos? There are so many talented youngsters like you in Lagos so why should he bother coming to Asaba to pick up someone? This is something you should consider so much. Xbusta got signed by Emoney into 5 Star Music because he attended a party in Owerri and Xbusta performed there. Imagine if he hadn’t attended, then Xbusta wouldn’t be the big star he is now. His mates like F2 are still struggling to get a good ground in the entertainment world.
- Your social media followers are not impressive: The moment I see a musician, the first thing I do is to check their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Anything less than 100,000 followers, I take it that you’re not a star. Invest in your social media followers and you will see a better music career. 
- You don’t make videos: Visuals are a great way to promote your music. Invest in quality visuals for your audios and upload them to YouTube. You can even monetize your contents there and get returns. Many celebrities get millions of dollars from this annually why not queue in? Make good videos and not something old like Sky B’s or the 2007’s videos.
- You don’t feature people: How did Humblesmith become so well known? He just did collaboration with Phyno in Osinachi and that brought him out. The remix with Davido didn’t even go well like he first. Invest in a collaboration and watch your fame troll in.
- But wait... how do you intend making money with your music? We are far past the era of selling cassettes and music plates. Now no one buys music offline again, we all go online to download them free or buy from iTunes and other related sites. If you want to make money from your music, then you have to create a website/blog, YouTube channel, iTunes account, SoundCloud handle and even Amazon handle. You have to monetize your fame on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, PEPTribe and other social networking sites. You can even set up a musical class like Godwin Guitar. Who will not like to be taught by a celebrity?
- Poor promotion strategies: A banner on Nairaland homepage is just N20,000. You can invest there as a promotion strategy. You can even invest in Facebook and Twitter ads. They will surely pay you back. 
We are here to help you with your music promotions. They are expensive in Nigeria but we have subsidized everything. Don’t continue being lost in the music world. Invest very little today and watch it pay you back. You can contact us now. Facebook and Twitter promotions inclusive.
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