How To Start Blogging In Nigeria I - Choosing A Good Domain Name/Host

How To Start Blogging In Nigeria - Choosing A Good Domain Name/Host
When you're about to join the blogging world, the first thing you should consider is your domain name.
It is your business name and should not be played with. It is even more important than your host, you know why? You can always switch your host to another with time, but you can never switch your domain name.
A change in domain name means a change in your business, and you have automatically lost all the rankings you suffered to acquire on the former domain name. Some domain names like Google.com, Twitter.com, Amazon.com, VK.com and Facebook.com worth billions of dollars but I'm yet to see a host that will be so much valued.
This is one of the major reasons why you need to invest in a good domain name on time.

Where Can I Get The Best Domain Names?
As a newbie blogger, you know little or nothing about the blogging world, I will recommend you use Whogohost or GoDaddy. Whogohost is Nigerian, and they host most of the Nigerian domain names while their server is located in the USA. Godaddy is fully America.

Now you may be asking why I wrote Whogohost first?
Well, it's because GoDaddy's domains are way more expensive than Whogohost's. GoDaddy will sell you your first .com domain name at $0.99 + ICANN fee and the subsequent years, it will rise without any announcements.

Whogohost on the other hand will sell a .com domain name at only N3,900 and it will be that price for life. No fluctuations in dollar rates, no extra charges, diversified payment methods.

Where Can I Get The Best Website Hosts?

As at the time of writing of this post, this website was hosted on Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google and is the most secured hosting since it is hosted on Google's own server. All you need is your gmail logins, and you have access to your blog.
However, there are some limitations to the Blogger. It doesn't have access to some of the features other hostings have and even though Google is really trying, we hope it gets best in time to come.

To break through these limitations and get the best of blogging, then you have to use WordPress. 
Note that most of these limitations are broken through the use of WP plugins, which are also available as codes in Blogger. 
WordPress requires hosting and I suggest you buy a cheap hosting from Whogohost, they will give you a free domain name with every hosting.
Isn't that great?
Let's call it a day with this. Our next lesson is on how you can create a blog in 5 minutes. Be sure to check it out. 

Before you go, please check out these 5 steps to a successful blogging:
1) Choose a good domain name and host.
2) Create a blog.
3) Increase your DA, PA, Alexa and Backlinks.
4) Get traffic.
5) Start making your money.

Happy blogging!

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