Make Money Online Through Domain Flipping

Make Money Online Through Domain Flipping
After our post on 25 ways to make money online as a beginner, we decided to split it up to make sure every tip there is explained broadly.
There are so many ways to make money online but not all can be done without any initial capitals. However, to succeed online, you MUST go for the ones which require investments, no matter how small because the others like shortening urls will just end up sapping your useful time and at the end might not make you up to $5 a month.
Some other sites like iWriter will make freelancing a very difficult career for you. You cannot write a 600 words article for $1.5, or can you? No, you shouldn't be so cheap. If you're still not making a living from writing, then you deserve a copy of Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer. It's almost free.
If you have some little money to invest, then domain flipping might be the way to your breakthrough. Of a fact, this business is very lucrative. You can start it with as little as... (we'd see that later 😊)

What Is Domain Flipping?
Domain flipping, just as house flipping simply refers to the purchase of a domain name that you later intend to resell. You might use the domain name for sometime, either on your blog or website to later resell. You might even flip the whole website, making it to come up in value.
If you intend selling a site or domain name lateron, then you're simply into domain flipping business. There are some things that determine the market value of a domain name and we will see them below.

What Are The Things That Determine A Domain's Worth?
There are some things that determine a domain's worth, and  they can be built consciously or unconsciously.
Some include:
- Domain Authority (DA): This is a rating of your domain name on a scale of 100. Some domain names like UN.org, Facebook.com, Twitter.com and Google.com have a DA of 100. The higher the DA, the more expensive the domain name. This DA goes a long way to help your search engine rankings and can be improved by building of backlinks from other high DA sites.

- Backlinks: These refer to the number of external links leading to your site. They can be do-follow or no-follow and each are considered differently by the search engines.

Domain Age: Who would have known that the older the domain name, the more it's worth if we were not told? You should purchase that name immediately you dream of that. I was limited to some services on InfoGuideAfrica.com even though all stats were ok, the domain age then was less than the required 6 months.

- Alexa Ranking: Alexa is built with time and traffic. The lower the better. You can see more on Alexa Rankings.

- Spam Score: You should avoid spamming your site in a bid to improve your DA or that will increase your spam score, which will even be more detrimental. 

How Can You Begin A Domain Flipping Business?
- Choose A Domain Name: Never choose a personal name like lindaikejisblog.com, these ones will be very difficult to sell except they are as big as lindaikejisblog.com already. Some names that will go well are things like healththis.com, moneythis.com, nutritionthis.com, careerthis.com, sexthis.com, thischat.com and so on.

- Buy The Domain Name: 24 hours is enough to make you lose the newly found precious domain name, so you have to act very wise. Visit Whogohost.com to check for the availability of the domain name and purchase it immediatly. It can be a .com, .org, .net, .gov, .info, .edu, .com.ng, .org.ng, .edu.ng, .gov.ng or any other extension. You just have to be very wise.

- Create A Blog: You might need to create a blog if you want to sell it higher. This is because managing a blog is easier than an unmapped domain name. You can hire us to do that for you at a very affordable rate.
However, if you don't want to create a blog, then you will need to go around the net looking for prospective customers. You might even send emails to people you suspect will be interested.

- Build The Stats: Build the domain authority, Alexa and backlinks as fast as you can. Avoid being too fast in building backlinks or Google will penalize you. If you linked it to a blog, then building the Alexa will be possible. The DA will be easier to build too  because no one will want to link to an unmapped domain name. It will harm their SEO.

- Start Looking For Potential Buyers: You can sell the domain name on GoDaddy.com or any other sites offering the services. However, I sell my own domain names on Facebook.com and Nairaland.com because of the audience there. 
In selling on external sites, you will need an escrow's services or face a danger of scam.
Also, sites like Afternic and Sedo will allow you to list your domain names for sells at your own prices (you will also be able to accept offers).

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