How To Start Blogging In Nigeria II - Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Blog In 5 Minutes + Photos

How To Create A Blog - Step-By-Step Guide + Photos
Last time, we discussed 'how you can choose a good domain name'. So today, we'll learn how to create a free blog.

Remember, this is a series of lessons for both new and old bloggers. If you want to know more on this blogging, you can check out our e-book 'The Successful Blogger'. It's out now.
Now, back to the lesson.
We'll be teaching you the steps involved in creating a new blog and updating it.

Visit blogger.com. Type in your e-mail and click on next. Input your password and click on next.

You'll be redirected to a blogger homepage. Click on 'Create your blog'
How To Create A Blog
The next step is to choose a name. Your name must have a .blogspot.com for now. Later, you can add a custom domain. Please refer to this post f you encounter any problem mapping your custom domain.

Choose a name and check if it's still available. For this tutorial, we chose mytutorialstoday and it was still available. You can view the blog. Then click on 'create blog'.
How To Create A Blog In Photos
The next step is to create your blog. You have to click on 'New Post' to do that.
Start writing your article. Use the tools on the top of the page, they are there for you. 
The B I U ABC tools 
You can also change the color of the post/background.
Play with the tools there, they are all made for you.
When you are done, click on upload image. It's very important. Use a clear image too.
Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Blog

When your image has been uploaded, double-click on it to add it to your post.

The picture has been added. You can still add more.

Break your post after the first line, review the article and publish.
How To Break A Post On Blogger

You can then view the post to see how it appeared. 
You can view this test article here.
This is just a simplified way of creating a blog. 
You can also upload your own template, edit the layout, add gadgets and change the css. 
That's all! 

Before you go, please check out these 5 steps to a successful blogging:
1) Choose a good domain name and host.
2) Create a blog.
3) Increase your DA, PA, Alexa and Backlinks.
4) Get traffic.
5) Start making your money.

Happy blogging!
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