How To Start Blogging In Nigeria IV - Traffic Sources You Should Never Ignore

How To Start Blogging In Nigeria IV - Traffic Sources You Should Never Ignore
After our first, second and third tutorials on blogging in Nigeria, the next challenge we have to tackle is the issue of traffic.
No doubt, this is one of the greatest challenges faced by bloggers, especially the new ones. Traffic is not easy to get, and you have to invest either your time or your money. 
Now, in investing your time, you might be forced to spam Facebook, Nairaland, Reddit and other traffic sources and  that might lead to your ban. In investing your money, you might not be able to target perfectly, thereby making you to get a lesser value for your money.

Anyways, we highly recommend you invest both- time and money for maximum results.

Traffic Sources You Should Never Ignore

- Google: I do hear of SEO this, SEO that and believe me, people exaggerate it more than they should. Personally, aside these stats and publishing quality contents, I never did any other things to improve my SEO. Then of recent I started pinging all my articles after publishing them, previously I manually submitted to Google and Bing. 
I get some good traffic from Google, and I'm daily working towards improving it and I believe quality of your contents goes a long way to taking you to the front page of the most used search engine in the world.

- Facebook: You can get free traffic from Facebook and you can equally pay. Facebook pages, groups and even your personal accounts go a long way to helping you. Avoid spamming because they do you more harm than good, and you will look like a traffic-desperate blogger who can do anything to get clicks. You should consider investing in pages and groups, as they are better as yours than any other persons'. They owners can limit you anytime.
Running Facebook ads will help you get targeted traffic and are the best for generating leads. You can even make money from Facebook

- Twitter: Who hasn't heard of Twitter? I'm sure we all have, but not all use it. Twitter is advantaged over Facebook because of it's forum like feature, whereby people can engage in discussions like it's a forum with the use of hashtags.
You can join trending topics like #BBNaija, #MCM, #FollowFriday, #MondayMotivation and so on, then include your links. They will even go better if you're sharing related links. You can also make money from your Twitter handle. Not still getting Twitter followers, then check out this post and this

- Nairaland: This is probably one of the most used forums in the world, and I use it a lot. We have made the Nairaland homepage a couple of times and you can check out this post which gave us over 44,000 views on the front page. The easiest way to make the home page is by mentioning the admins, Lalasticlala, Mynd44, Dominique, and Seun, and also by being original. Make sure to include your link as the source and watch your Nigerian traffic increasing.
You can also get traffic by spamming and misleading headers, but I only use that when I want to generate traffic for a site that isn't mine. I hate spamming a lot and the admins do too, it can earn you an immediate ban.

- Reddit
- LinkedIn
- Pinterest
- Digg

Before you go, please check out these 5 steps to a successful blogging:
1) Choose a good domain name and host.
2) Create a blog.
3) Increase your DA, PA, Alexa and Backlinks.
4) Get traffic.
5) Start making your money.

Happy blogging!
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