How To Start Blogging In Nigeria III - Increasing Your Blogs Authority For Maximum Profits (+over 100 tools to check stats)

How To Start Blogging In Nigeria III - Increasing Your Blog's Authority For Maximum Profits (+over 100 tools to check stats)
Having read about how to get a good hosting and domain name and how you can create a blog in 5 minutes with screenshots, the next we will discuss is on how to build your blog's authority for maximum profit. 

There are some things that make a website bigger than the others, and it's more than just the domain name. These same things are what make Facebook.com, Google.com, Amazon.com, Twitter.com and other top sites worth billions of dollars while many other sites worth less than a thousand dollars. 

What Are The Things That Make A Site Worth More Than Others?
1. Alexa: Your Alexa rank says a lot about your website, and the lower the better. There are two rankings for Alexa, country and world. The world shows your position among other sites in the world, and your country shows your sites' ranking among other sites in a particular country, not compulsorily yours.
Advertisers look at your Alexa before considering your site because they almost tell no lie. We wrote a post on our other blog about how you can dramatically reduce your Alexa rank. However, to cut it short, you need traffic, I mean some great deal of traffic to get you to that desired position in your Alexa.

How To Check Your Alexa Rank:

There are some tools that can help you check your Alexa ranking, and we'll share a few below:
Alexa Site Info
- Alexa Tool Bar
- Alexa Widget
Website SEO Checker
Bulk SEO Tools
SEO Centro
Mass Alexa
Check Page Rank
Alexa Rank Check
Pre-Post SEO

2. Domain Authority and Page Authority: Your domain authority and page authority shows your site's rating on a scale of 100. The easiest way to build it is by building backlinks and we will discuss more on that. Some sites like Wikipedia have DA and PA of 100 and you can hardly compete with them in search engine results, and this explains one of the greatest benefits of a great domain and page authority.

How To Check Your DA and PA:

There are some websites that can help you check your DA and PA and they include:
Small SEO Tools
SEO Review Tools
Website SEO Checker
Robin Gupta
SEO Weather
Check Page Rank
Prepost SEO
Bulk DA Checker

3. Your Backlinks: Apart from increasing your domain authorities and page authorities, backlinks are also a great step in SEO. They are simply the number of other websites linking back to your own website, and are classified into do-follow and no-follow. 
A do-follow backlink will tell the search engine crawlers to include that link in their ranking and a no-follow will do otherwise. Although, not every search engine bothers about do-follow and no-follow. The site that gives you the link-back also matters a lot as a link back from a site like Wikipedia with DA of 100 will worth more than backlinks from 100 sites of DA 1.
You ca get backlinks by submitting guest posts, commenting and of course, exchanging too. However, avoid spamming because it can do you more harm than good.

How To Check Your Site's Backlinks:

There are some tools which can help you check your website's backlinks free of charge, and we will see a few of them:
SEO Review Tools
Small SEO Tools
Rank Signals
Backlink Tool
Search Engine Reports
SEO Site Checkup

4. Domain Age: You can't change this, but you can help it by purchasing an old domain name. Some domain sellers sell old domains but they are always very expensive. The cheapest I have seen is $5,000 and some worth a million dollars. There are so many websites through which you can check your domain age and they include:
Small SEO Tools
Web Confs
IP Location
SEO Chat
Website SEO Checker
The Hoth
Bulk SEO Tools
Search Engine Genie
Pre Post SEO
Free Valuator
Search Engine Reports
Jet SEO Tools
The SEO Tools

Before you go, please check out these 5 steps to a successful blogging:
1) Choose a good domain name and host.
2) Create a blog.
3) Increase your DA, PA, Alexa and Backlinks.
4) Get traffic.
5) Start making your money.

Happy blogging!
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