How To Verify Foreign Phone Numbers Free In Nigeria

As a Nigerian, there are so many limitations on the world wide web because of the bad records we have been associated with.
Many of us are bad, but it's never fair to tag a whole nation evil because of a very few proportion who have gone to place the dark spot on our green white green abroad. Owing to this, there are so many websites which we will like to sign up for only to discover that there are some national limitations. Some of them require only a phone number verification, some don't.

We have previously taught how you can get a U.S phone number in any country, but that required an app. The one we are about to teach is how you can get a foreign phone number, and there's no verification of any kind.

Note: This tutorials are for educational purposes only. Please do not use it for any fraudulent acts as you will still be caught by the mighty hands of the law, let's join the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

Not all countries are available, but they made phone numbers available for the top tier countries and many more. They also promised to include more with time.

Countries available for now:
- UK
- China
- Austrailia
- Romania
- France
-  Spain
- Germany
- India
- Italy
- Israel
- Russia
- South Africa

This website has so many users that even though they update their phone numbers every day, they are used so many times to create Gmail, Yandex, Facebook, Twitter, etc accounts that you might not meet it available. If you want to, then you have to access it early enough.

How To Use It

1. Go to https://www.receive-sms-online.info. You will see something like this:
How To Verify Foreign Phone Numbers Free In Nigeria
2. Choose a country of your choice, let's say USA and continue. You land on the page for USA, and you see a phone number on top (red arrow on screenshot), on this case the phone number is 14088685852.
How To Verify Foreign Phone Numbers Free In Nigeria
3. Copy the number, go to the website where you want to use it for the verification and paste it.
How To Verify Foreign Phone Numbers Free In Nigeria
4. Go back to the page and click on refresh. Your confirmation code will appear immediately.
How To Verify Foreign Phone Numbers Free In Nigeria
That's all. Remember we agreed that you shouldn't use it for any fraudulent acts. 
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