How To Avoid Cheap Scammers Like Mr. Samson Peter

How To Avoid Nigerian Scammers

Well, as I have shared on Reporter 247, I got scammed by one of the cheapest scammers I ever seen in my life, Mr. Samson Peter, a blogger, internet marketer and AdSense verifier and the money wasn’t even anything, just N4, 000.
I mean a 20 year old Nigerian young man scammed me, switched off his phone, stayed off his Facebook account for a week+ and later blocked me over $10.
In case you need more about him, his details are:
Name:  Mr. Samson Peter
Facebook url: facebook.com/peter.clicker.98
Phone Number: +2349063626360
 Account Details: 2094380842, UBA Bank

We will add more with time and we will start publishing scammers on Reporter 247. If you have any issues of scam, please forward your reports and some evidences to shortstoriesthattouch@gmail.com and we will help you publish them in 24 hours. At least that will be a good punishment.
Mr. Samson Peter Is A Scammer, Nigerian Scamer
Sampson Peter
That is so bad.
Well, we have decided to share some tips that will help you escape some other cheap scammers like Mr. Samson and avoid being a victim, because mine was $10.00, yours might be a thousand dollars. It’s so bad that we are trying to make Nigeria good and these bad eggs are spoiling the whole place, hereby making the place in conducive for internet hustlers like me and you!

Tips To Avoid Nigerian Online Scammers

1. Never pay first: I remember when I tried selling my Twitter account, with over 8,000 followers early 2017, I delivered first and boom, and the guy blocked me. That was how I lost the account and money he should have paid me. These scammers insist you pay first and then they scam you.

2. Always use an escrow: Hiring an escrow takes less than $3 and you both can even split the money, so why bother yourself with the risk of scam?

3. Trade only legitimate things: It will be nicer to say that someone scammed you of your car than cocaine right? The first issue can even be helped by the government. It’s no big different with the internet, always trade legitimate items so people can also help you if you fall victim.

4. Use a refundable payment method like PayPal: Well, this is one way to help the issue. Use PayPal, so that even of you get scammed, you can submit a petition to PayPal and get a refund.

5. Only risk what you can lose online: I could not have possible risked some ten thousand dollars online, because it will really be painful to lose. You shouldn’t risk more than you can bear. As they say, the internet is a street. There are the good people, and a lot of evil!

Mr. Samson Peter Is A Scammer
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