How To Make Money Selling Digital Products

How To Make Money Selling Digital  Products
There's hardly anyone on earth who doesn't have a talent, or I never seen one. If you're not a talented artist, you're good with your pen, or a good talkaholic, or something else I cannot remember right now. Now, what's the aim if it doesn't pay you off?

So many people complain that they don't have capital to start up a business, or a coach to motivate them, or some financial supports to help their academic pursuits, but how many self made billionaires had such? These men and women are humans like us who chased their little dreams, loved themselves for whom they were and arrived the top. 

We have written a post on 25 ways to make money online as a beginner, and now we're back with a bigger one - How To Make Money Selling Digital Products
Do you know that you can make as much as $4,000 a month selling digital products? You heard that well right? 
Well, how much did Wizkid, the popular Nigerian artist make from his international collaboration with Drake - Come Closer? Spotify alone earned him a whooping N60,000,000 (sixty million Nigerian Naira). That alone was from Spotify, what about YouTube, iTunes and other sites? We didn't even include his deals and awards from the multi-award winning collabo. The music was sold as a digital product of course, no cassettes, no discs.
You might not even need to sell them, you can just offer them for downloads via some cost per action websites like AdWork Media and still make your money.

Advantages Of Digital Products

- Low Cost Of Production: I should have said zero cost of production, but our brains cost more than a billion bucks...Lol. It actually is cost free, in terms of paper, pen and even publishing. Just put down your inspirations on MS Word and you can make money from them.
- Convenience: They aren't heavy, and can be brought out anywhere anytime. You can even play the music and videos in a DVD player or pc.
- Delivery On Payment: With the help of sites like Sellfy, we can now deliver our digital products immediately our clients pay.
- No Limitations To Delivery: You can deliver your products to any country, at any time of the day. All the person does is to pay and boom, it enters their devices, emails, etc.

Which Products Can Be Sold Digital?

There are not so many products we can sell digitally, this is because it calls for instant downloads. The digital downloads can be made available through the use of sites like Sellfy.
- E-books: Actually, I can't remember the last time I bought a paper book, except they were recommended by my school. This is because of the portability of the pdfs I filled my mobile phone with. I can read them anytime, anywhere and most people will actually think I'm wasting my time.
- Music: You no longer need to sell cassettes up and down the street when you can actually reach an unlimited audience online. There are so many websites that aid that.
- Films: Most films aren't even available on YouTube. The owners sell them online as a better way of making money. A film like 30 Days In Atlanta was a loss after it appeared on YouTube.
- Podcasts: If you can make some audio works, then you can sell them off to make money.
Podcasts sell well with the aid of CPA sites like AdWork Media.
- Webinars: Webinars can be offered for immediate downloads after successful purchases.
- Video training courses: There are so many websites that will aid you make more money from your video courses now than you can make from uploading it to YouTube.
- Software: Software are more trusted when purchased from the creators than when they are gotten from any other sources. This invention of immediate deliveries is really a great one.
- Web services: You can now offer different web services as digital products.
- Templates for things like emails and websites: All thanks to sites like Sellfy and Gumroad, selling of templates are now so much easy.

- Web graphics and vectors: You can sell your web graphics online too as digital products.

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How Can You Sell Your Digital Products?

E-books: You can sell your e-books on Amazon, Sellfy, Gumroad and many other sites.
Graphics Designs and Photos: You can sell these on stock photos websites like Shutterstock and Instagram.
Music: Music can be sold so many places. Among the best choices are Sellfy, Gumroad, Amazon, etc.
Videos/Films: If you don't want to monetize them from YouTube, then sell them on a site like Amzon, Sellfy, Gumroad and related sites.
Podcasts: You should use a content locker like AdWork Media to monetize them.
Templates: Sites like Sellfy are a great choice.

Websites That Enable The Sell of Digital Products:

Cost Per Action [ie AdWork Media]
Easy Digital Downloads
Shopify and the Digital Downloads App

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