How To Make Money As A Student

How to make money as a student
As a student, you’ll be faced with many financial challenges which include rents, text-books, clothes and other basic things.

In most cases, an average parent doesn’t provide all these needs, they just give their wards pocket allowances to settle some of the needs and leave them to sort out the rest. These occur mostly in the University level and it leads to many students looking for alternatives on how to raise some money for their basic needs.
I’ll present different ways to make money as a student in two different ways, the offline method and the online method.

How to make money offline as a student

As a student in the higher institution looking for ways to raise some money to solve your financial needs, you should look around and notice what the students in the school love doing.
After considering the factors, you’ll decide the best products or services to deliver to the students to maximize your profit.

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Different types of business to start include:

- Barbing shop: You can open a shop for barbing students. However, you need to be a professional to keep getting recurring customers as everybody likes good haircuts. (Read more about barbing salon business)
- Hair salon: This is a shop where ladies can go to make their hairs. It’s also very lucrative.

- Provision store is also a good type of business to start as a student. You’ll sell biscuits, cookies, candies, soaps and many other things.
- You can also start offering catering services for birthday and wedding parties.
- Tutorials: if you know any course very well, then you can start up classes for teaching other students.
Other physical jobs students can do include ushering, tutorials, sewing of clothes and footwear, and many more.

Online jobs for students

Apart from the offline jobs listed above, students can also engage in the many available online jobs.
I’ll present some of the available ones here and you’ll choose the one you think is best for you.
Blogging: This has become popular in the recent times. Many people engage in it for different purposes like fun, as a portfolio, while others start it as a career.

In blogging, the most important thing to consider is your traffic source. You can use the available social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Digg.

Another great source of traffic is the search engine but your blog should have a good domain authority before your posts can be noticed.
- Freelancing: This means doing things like writing and graphics designing for money.
- Affiliate marketing: You earn commissions for referring customers to sellers. It is also a very lucrative business.
- Vlogging: You can create and monetize YouTube videos.
With all these, you can see that it’s very possible for you to earn some money as a student; it all requires patience and persistence.
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