Monetize Your Website With Viboom Video Ads

Monetize Your Website With Viboom Video Ads
Every publishers' dreams are to make sure every visitors to their sites generate some money for them, but it's not all that possible.
For instance, if you use cost per click monetization, if the visitors don't click on the ads, you make no money. If you use affiliate marketing, eg Konga affiliate, (see more on affiliate marketing) if they don't make any purchases through your link, you will make no money.
There are so many other ways to monetize your blog but they all are not perfect, so we have to use more than two to get the best results. 

Steps to creating a blog:
- Choose a good domain name/host.
- Create a blog.
- Increase your sites' general ranking.
- Get traffic.
- Make your money!

For example, if you use affiliate marketing, cost per click, cost per impressions and other ways of monetizing your blog, you are already 80% close to making money from every visitor on your blog. That is why I recommend that you monetize your blog with a video ads network like Viboom

Viboom is a video ad network that pays you each time your visitors view their ads. You can use it to monetize your websites, blogs and even Facebook pages
They post high quality videos of popular companies. You need to have at least a thousand unique visitors or a thousand Facebook page likes to be allowed. They will email you each time there is a new video for the campaign. 

Pros of Vibeom
- Their payment method is PayPal or bank transfer.
- Minimum payment is 20 Euros.
- Their videos are attractive.
- They pay well per impression.
- Views from all countries are accepted.
- They normally use YouTube video player.

Cons of Vibeom
- Visitors must click and watch videos before they pay you. It's against their rules to auto play videos.
- They count only unique visitors.

That is all about Viboom for now, if you're interested in joining, click here now.

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