Shopify Review: A Must Read Before Using The E-commerce Website

Shopify Review: A Must Read Before Using The E-commerce Website
If you are someone that shops online or is into any form of online business, then I bet you must be familiar with this word Shopify.
Shopify is a great website for online marketers. It offers e-commerce business men and women a complete and professional solution to issues concerning setting up of e-commerce stores, organizing of the products, customizing of the store front, sales of products and services , accepting of credit card payments from clients, and tracking of the sales.

What is Shopify?

It is an e-commerce site that aids individuals that have goods online to sell at retail locations.
It offers the following:
- Professional online storefront: Shopify will help you to create a professional and presentable storefront in order to attract more revenues. It;'ll also allow you to customize the storefront to suit your taste.
- Acceptance of credit card payments: Sounds great right? Shopify will help you accept VISA, MasterCard and VerveCard payments on your site easily. They are not the onl;y people that offer these solutions, you can also check these sites for accepting of credit card payments on your website.
- New sales channels: It'll help you to add new sales channels easily without much stress.
- Manage many products at a time: Based on your plan, shopify can help you manage many different products and inventories at a time from one platform.
- Tracking of sales: Just like other online stores, tracking of sales is made easier with shopify.
commerce platform that allows anyone to sell their goods online at a retail location.
- With Shopify, you can manage and fulfill many different orders easily and at a time.

Pros of Shopify

- With Shopify, you have access to more than 100 beautifully designed templates which will help your website look great. There are many different varieties of free and premium themes available for you.
- Shopify, you will be given access to over 1,200 apps both free and paid necessary for your e-commerce stores. Tools that you'll use for customer service, accounting, marketing, reporting, social media, shipping, and many more.
- With Shopify, you'll be provided with a good support team to attend to your needs anytime any day.
- Shopify has a built-in-security that makes your online store a trusted site among your customers.

Cons of Shopify

- Unless you use the Shopify payment, a transaction fee will be charged from you for every performed transaction.
- If you want to customize youe site, you'll need to have a basic knowledge of liquid.
- Shopify has only free trial and no free plan, so you must definitely have to purchase a plan if you are really interested in using the site.
- Just like other platforms, moving from one platform to another is not that easy.

Shopify is recommended for you if

- You are interested in selling products whether digital or physical.
- You want your customers to have log-in pages.
- You want to have maximum control over your website templates.
- You want to offer many different payment options and gateways.
- You want to integrate other third-party apps.

Shopify is not recommended for you if

- You want to open a store that functions in many different languages.
- Your online store is not a full website, but only a small part of your main website.

More on Shopify

- You can sell digital products like audio files, e-books, videos, apps and more with Shopify.
- With Shopify, you can change your pricing. Eg, upgrade from a higher billing cycle to a lower one and vice versa. However, changing it will initiate a new billing cycle.
- Whenever you need to close down your store, you'll go to:
> Account page
> Select the “Close my Store” option

Alternatives to Shopify

Every good product must have an alternative. If for any reason you think Shopify is not the best for you, then you can consider any of the following options:

- WooCommerce
- Wix Ecommerce
- Pinnacle Cart
- Volusion.
- Magento
Big Cartel

Are you interested in selling only digital products, then Sellfy.com will be a good alternative for you. It's platform supports automatic sales and downloads of e-books, apps, audio and video files, website templates and more.
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