The Establishment: Paying $500 Per Essay, See How To Apply

How to write for the establishment
The Establishment, a multimedia publication that encourages diversity is currently paying writers for articles submitted to them.
They are looking for stories that produce original reporting. The goal of the magazine is to unearth overlooked stories and also provide voices that have been marginalized by the mainstream media.
They publish originally reported features, long-form journalism, interviews,  personal essays, and multimedia of all shapes, sizes, and creeds.


They pay:
- $125 for personal essays, feature stories, and op-eds. Articles should be at least 800 words and not more than 1500 words.
- $500 for a long-form investigative pieces that involve original reporting and at least five interviews. It should be around 300 words.

How To Get Published

- You'll send an email to getestablished@theestablishment.co including the word “pitch” in the subject line
- Pitch sent should be as specific as possible and around 2 - 4 paragraphs in length
- A thesis
- The  cultural or historical context you piece
- The importance of your proposed pitch
- Researches you'll will draw from
- The subject of the interview
- The word length

Please Note

- Don't send articles in Dropbox links or zip files
- If it is your first time of writing for them, you'll have to drop three links to your previously published articles.
To find out more about writing for them, please visit the official website TheEstablishment.co.
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