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100+ Websites And Magazines That Pay Writers Over $100 Per Article
As the internet is getting more popular, much more people are beginning to make a living out of it.
Blogging, vlogging, social media marketing, freelancingaffiliate marketing and e-commerce are among the most popular ways of making money online, but my favorite two are freelancing and blogging.

You know why? Blogging is all about writing, monetizing your hobby and it is damn interesting. It means that if you have the start-up funds to purchase a domain name, buy hosting (if necessary) and get good traffic, then you can start making money from even a one-month old blog either from affiliate marketing, ad networks,  e-commerce or any other ways you choose.

However, not everyone has these start-up funds we're talking about, and not everyone can actually be patient enough to wait till Blogging begins to pay well, since it takes sometime frankly. 
So what do you do? Quit internet hustles? Start Yahoo-Yahoo?
Nup... it's not yet time. If you're ever going to quit, then don't just start and if you start, never ever quit.
It is time to get yourself another thing doing online, and during my time, I chose FREELANCING!

Why Every Internet Start-up Must Choose Freelancing

Freelancing is a very smart option because it requires zero capital, just an internet-enabled device and some data, you're good to start. It will break through many obstructions which other internet workers are facing such as traffic and capital to make you what you want to be. You do not struggle to be relevant, just be yourself, and the best of what you can.
Aside that, there are other amazing benefits:

- You're online, no one knows you

Have you seen Neil Partel before? No... but you fan him right? That is because of the way he presented himself online. People begin to fan you just because they find out that you write amazing contents, are inspirational, take great photos or an awesome graphics designer.
Now bringing that to freelancing, people believe whatever you tell them about yourself. You're allowed to exaggerate in your portfolio, but make sure it doesn't get out of reality like a 17-year old Nigerian chap claiming that he has spoken on the same stage with Harsh Agrawal.
It's possible, but at least by now if it happened you should be on the news.
Make yourself sound like you're a commander in the niche and you need to be given a trial and stuff like that, you'll be better than you imagine.

- You need no capital

Yea, you need no capital, just a pc and an internet access. You can even make use of a cyber cafe till you can afford your own system. This is one of the best advantages of freelancing to humans.
You just need to put down the stuff in your brain and do a little researches.

- You can work anywhere, anytime

Whether you're in your bedroom, or on vacation, you can always write as far as your laptop and modem are there. Awesome right? That is the freedom that comes with freelancing and other internet based jobs.

- Distance is no barrier

Your distance or present location is irrelevant. I have written articles for Indians, Pakistanis, Americans and rarely Nigerians. Most of the Nigerian freelancing websites are already flooded with awesome writers making the industry difficult for us.

- It will help you as a blogger

At times, when I suspect I'd succeed, I chip in a keyword from my blogs into the articles to get a backlink. These backlinks would have cost me more than $40 to purchase, if possible but now I get paid for them.

- Financial freedom

I need not explain this...Lol. I need money, you need money, each of us need money, so we work for them. Freelancing can lift us up financially. It has paid my bills many times, it can pay yours.

This is very awesome right? There are a lot of benefits associated with freelancing and we want each of us to benefit from them.
That is why we have written and published a few e-books on the topic, but this time we are given it all free of charges.
You had that right?

This is a bonus to you for being our reader.


Doesn't sound real right? Well, you can check List Verse. They are one of such awesome sites, they pay you a straight $100 per article published and you don't have to be a genius, just be smart!
How To Write For List Verse

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Happy reading and we wish you the best of the new career!
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