Opportunities For Nigerian Students: Get Paid For Reporting News

Opportunities For Nigerian Students: Get Paid For Reporting News
Are you a student in any Nigerian high institution,then this is a great opportunity for you to make up to N5,000 doing what you love.
Yes, who wouldn't love to work as a student journalist,and this time around,all you have to do is to report the daily happenings in your school and at the end of the week,you get paid.

How To Work As A Student Journalist In Nigeria

✓ Visit MySchoolNews.ng to create your account
✓ Upload an image if you have any
✓ Type in your article or paste from another source.
✓ Make sure to include at least three tags
✓ Choose a category that aligns with the post
✓ Save your finished article as a draft

Rules For Writing On MySchoolNews.ng

✓ Don't copy other people's articles
✓ Don't republish articles already published on the platform
✓ Make sure you include your name below each report
✓ Format articles well
Alternatively, you can make money as a blogger by publishing an article informing students about the platform
To do that, you have to first contact Mr. Ifiokobong Ibanga through his Facebook account, then submit your website to him for approval.
Then if your blog meets the criteria, he'll inform you you'll be paid for the post asap.
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