5 Amazing Ways Events Help Start-ups Grow

5 Amazing  Ways Events Help Start-ups Grow
Attending events are one of the best ways to grow in any business.
I remember a bloggers hang-out which I attended sometime around June, in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. It aided me to meet people of like minds, those 'fictional' beings I've always been meeting and adoring online now appeared before me and they were all real.
To crown it all, the then Special Assistant to Imo State Government on Media Production, Prince Odunze O. Odunze was there to handle the event. This meant that aside meeting my fellow bloggers (colleagues), I also was opportune to see one of the state's top executives. This is one of the benefits of organizing business and start-up  events. It gives us the chance to meet people we never would have been able to meet in a close time. It helps us meet our fellow business partners and competitions and as well discuss new ideas.
Aside this, there are a lot of other goodies that come with attending such events:

- It opens ways to new opportunities

Now, let's take that I needed something from the state government but haven't been able to get them, I was a few centimeters away from a top executive and could just make my request there, who knows if he'd honor it? He even gave us his complimentary card that day, which signified that we were welcome to contact him anytime.
This is one of the advantages of attending events such as the blogger's hangout. You also get to drop your contacts and get emails or texts of new opportunities that are passing by. Some of the opportunities we share on this blog are from our email subscriptions and  result of the hangouts we had attended.

- You get to network with people

There is a saying that your network determines your net worth. If you hangout with six broke people, you'd soon become the seventh. Now bring this to the positive, no negative vibes! If you hangout with six rich dudes, you are soon becoming the seventh. If you hangout with six geniuses, you are going to begin to think and act like one and if you spend a day with a few great business minds like you, you are on your way to greatness.
You will get to build networks, exchange contacts and meet new people. You share ideas and opportunities with people and get their, and you see yourself going higher!

- It makes you stand out

Everyone else is thinking about graduating, but you're thinking about building the next Tech Crunch! When you hangout with people who are also thinking of building the next Tech Crunch, you see that you're already standing out. The best way to be successful in a populated market is to standout and create your own niche.
If you check it, almost every niche is already saturated, which means that if you're scared of competitions, you're gonna starve!
Scary right? Then carve out a little niche from what others are creating and make yourself the best of it.
According to Jack Ma, The lead founder of Alibaba, "Global vision, local win!"
Interpreting this, it means you should aim for heaven, if you fail, you land on the sky, either ways, not bad! When you develop a business mindset to saturate the international market, you have no issues making the local win!

- You find out that you're not alone

I belong to a team at school, UncommonMe International, headed by one time president of the faculty of science, Imo State University, Mr. Izuchukwu Okafor GFN. It is not a group for start-ups, but I just want to use it to site an example.
Now, the group was founded by someone who is eager to see a change in the country, and each of us share that aim. When we met, we knew we had a bond more than a mere group, and that's what binds group members together.
Whether a debate team, football team, basketball team, music group or whatever, they have a common aim. That is not so different from the business hangouts. You are a few hours with your like minds, and you get to discover their passions and pushing force. With them, you build yourself too.

- It gives us the chance to meet people we never would have been able to meet

No one has anytime to waste, at least for a random stranger whom they have never known. That is why there need to be organised programmes and events, where you all will get to share ideas, meet each other and discuss.
Aside that,everyone else is as busy as you are, to leave their business too and come to you. Imagine calling the founder of Facebook to come to your house and talk to you? You probably wouldn't be able to afford that right? An event can be organized to make him talk to you guys and you might just pay $10 for it.
That is the power of events. They subsidize speeches, and you can ask those questions you'd never be able to ask on a YouTube or Facebook live video.
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