Blog9ja Review: Can I Really Earn A Living From Them

Blog9ja Review
Earning from the internet is one of the greatest advancements to the human career. You can now from the comfort of your home make a lot of money doing the little things you love.
We have previously published an article on 25 amazing ways to make money online as a beginner and have gotten a lot of testimonials.
Now, the latest trend is the News Network trends, were you refer people to a forum and earn some percentage of their sign-up fees. The first of its kind was the NNU.ng, and we published a review of it stating reasons why it's not really worth investing in. You can check out our NNU review to read for yourself.
After the NNU, so many others started joining the trend and we began to hear of names like Wakanda.ng, Blog9ja and the rest of them. So today someone asked me, "Stanford, I want to invest in Blog9ja, NNU is already crowded, how do you see it?"
Well, as a friend, I would never like you to sweat for another man. Why not launch your own blog and monetize it the same way this people are monetizing you?
Anyways, let's scroll through some personal reviews of the platforms, there must be a reason for the season...lol.

How To Register As A Blog9ja Member And All You Need To Know About Blog9ja Registration

Just like it's competitors, registration into this news network is not free, but it's cheap. With a one time payment of ₦1,400, you'll become a full member and all you need to do is log-in to your account anytime you wish to read news.
After successfully creating your account, you'll pay in the money to the given account numbers and wait for verification. Sometimes, these news networks release coupons or discounts to people that want to join the platform. As at the time of preparing this article, there were no available promo codes but you can search google for NNU discount codes, Wakanda discount codes or Blog9ja discount codes to see the latest available ones.

How To Earn On Blog9ja

There are many ways to earn on Blog9ja but the best is to refer people. Let's break-down how much you can earn from participating in Blog9ja:
-  You'll earn ₦5 for each comment you drop on any post in the platform, how many times can you comment in a day?
- You will get paid ₦2 for reading news on the platform, I guess you have to sleep there to earn ₦200.
- You'll earn ₦800 for every new person you refer to the platform.
- You'll make ₦50 for daily log-ins.
- Each post you create on the platform is ₦20 and you can create unlimited articles.
- Blog9ja will give you sponsored posts to share to your social media handles and each of them will earn you ₦100.

Reasons I Would Never Join Blog9ja.info

These points are gotten from my personal opinions, it's left over to you to choose the best jobs or careers you think will be the best for you. You can also decide to join these platforms as a way of earning yourself some extra income maybe as a student, or...anything.

- Their posts on my wall look spammy

I have already talked about this on the NNU review. I have over 150 bloggers in my Facebook list and a good percentage of them are news bloggers. I visit Nairaland daily to keep myself updated on the daily news. After reading the news there, I still come to my Facebook wall to see it tons of times as shared by these bloggers and the news pages I follow.
Well, no matter how you coin it, I would never click on a link twice. These news network people really multiply by far the number of times I see these links and it's very boring.

- It's a job not a career

You only do it to get some little money or as a part-time source of income. It works well for students looking for some extra ways of getting themselves extra pocket allowances in addition to the ones their parents are giving to them.

- The pay is little

They claim that people make up to ₦150,000 monthly but in actual sense, after accumulating all these petty earnings,it might take you 2 months to make ₦5,000, or don't you think so? You still have other daily activities to face and since a comment on the platform is ₦2, you'll need 100 comments to make ₦200. The floor is open for you to do the mathematics.

- They might later stop

Many schemes in Nigeria start and close up after running for a few years or even months. No one can tell of these ones, but what will happen when new people stop signing up? Although I'm not trying to say that Blog9ja is a scam, after all NNU has paid my friends, but we should be careful of these shady investments.

So How Do I Make A Living Online?

There are many ways to earn a living online legitimately without much stress, they all require your brain and patience. I have written a 59-page eBook, 'MAKING MILLIONS IN YOUR DARK ROOM. It'll teach you more than 18 different ways you can start earning good money online doing those things you love.
Getting paid is very easy, and you can begin to pay people too. All you need is the proper guidance and this book has just that.
Please see more about it or get a copy.
We want the best for you, kindly share to your friends and drop us a comment.

Source: know.com.ng.
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