How To Make $3,000+ Online Monthly Posting Videos On YouTube

How to make money from YouTube without AdSense
No doubt, YouTube is one of the best ways to make money online no matter your country. It is owned by almighty Google and is the 2nd most visited site in the world.
Infact, I doubt if there's anyone of us who has never visited the website, YouTube.com. We go there to watch other people's videos, and they make their own money, so why don't we make ours?

Huh?? I'm pretty sure someone reading this article now is seriously looking for how to make money from YouTube, whether in Nigeria, Ghana or any other country in Africa. I'll tell you some things you need to know about the website, and how to earn money from YouTube even without AdSense.
Now who is a vlogger? A vlogger is a new term that was coined out of the word, vlog, which is short for video-blog. Almost anything you need now is on YouTube, and it is like a search engine of it's own.

Independently, YouTube can answer almost every question Google can, but it's not doing that independently, it is with the help of people. People posted whatever stuff you see on the site, and believe me nothing means nothing. They do it for a reason, either to get fame, money, exposure or even the three. YouTube pays, and it really pays very well. Asking how YouTube sends you money? It does that either through bank transfer or a Payoneer account, so sign up for a free account [here] now. (Payoneer will give you $25 for signing up).
After creating a YouTube channel (that doesn't take more than 2 minutes), then you can set off to start creating and uploading your own videos.

Before creating your first video, you should:

- Choose a niche: Know what you want to vlog about and set yourself a niche. You can see some of the best niches you can choose from here. You must be good in any niche you're choosing so as to avoid quitting halfway. Choosing a niche you're passionate about will help you persist when things are not too rosy. On my YouTube channel, I share a lot of awesome tips on how to make money online, please go subscribe, a give away is coming up soon.
- Get a good application: You will need to get a good software for your videos, whether you're making use of a computer or a mobile phone. I have tested two software on my channel, the Windows Movie Maker (free from Windows) and the Animaker (premium software), and they both served me well. Check out the video from Windows Movie Maker and the one from Animaker and check which is better. The two videos are too short and after watching, you can make a better choice.
- Make a schedule for your uploads: You will still be building your channel, so it might not be too fun but remember Rome wasn't built in a day. You can decide to be posting thrice a week, and make sure to stick to it. I think it is best to post at least once every two days, because there would always be people to watch them.
- Choose the best ways to advertise your videos: If you make videos and no one watches them, then you are not actually going to vlog for long. You can advertise in these awesome free platforms, at least until you can afford the other options. You can consider building Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fan pages for yourself too because they are as well very helpful.

After the four steps above, you would have launched a few videos on your YouTube channel and now thinking about making money from them. That is why we are here today, you can pick a cup of coffee and cool down,the post might be a bit long but I assure you it's not gonna be boring.
Every single word matters a lot.

How To Make Money From Your YouTube Channel

There are so many ways to make money from your YouTube channel in Nigeria, and we will see a few of them below:

- Sponsored Contents

You can make money from your YouTube channel by posting sponsored contents on them. These contents will be funded by brands, whether directly to you or indirectly. Before you will be able to get these advertisers patronize your channel, you must have a good number of subscribers, and most of them need people from a target area. If you have a channel and a good number of your subscribers come from tier 1 countries, then you can make a lot of money from this.
A good website that will help you get advertisers on your site is ValuedVoice.com and you should consider signing up, it is also an awesome way to make money from your Facebook page or account, Twitter handle, Instagram handle, Pinterest handle and of course, blog. You can see more about them here. Another site that offers similar services like ValuedVoice.com is Izea.com

- Direct Ads On Your Videos

If you watch the popular YouTube show, 'Keeping It Real With Adeola', which is run by Nigerian vlogger, Adeola Fayehun, you would have heard her mention at the end of her videos that you can advertise your products and services on her channel now. If you have a popular and well target channel as hers, you can as well make a lot of money from that. She has over 100,000 subscribers now and majority of them are Nigerians, so it is actually a win-win for anyone who wants to target Nigerians and can afford her shout-out.

- Affiliate Marketing

If you've been following this blog or our second blog, Information Guide Africa, you would have heard us countless number of times mention affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing simply means generating commissions from sales you refer to other people's goods and services. For example, you run a fashion blog, you can advertise some of the fashion products which you feel your audience would love on your vlog. You can use a service such as bit.ly to shorten them and make sure to customize the urls, for example bit.ly/JoinDMCA. To do this with bit.ly, you have to first create an account with them and it takes less than two minutes to do that.

- Sales Of Your Products Or Services

Your vlog is a good place to promote your new e-book, music or even fashion product. Except it is a personal channel, like you're vlogging about yourself, always stick to your niche. Don't promote food products on a fashion blog or the other way. Not only will you hardly generate sales, it would also make you look desperate.
You can also create a channel for your products, and post interesting videos there. It is almost equivalent to running a company website because it will actually give you better exposure online.

- Sending Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

You can use your YouTube channel to send traffic to your blog or website. YouTube is strong in SEO, so you can direct people from Google to your YouTube channel and then to your blog.
I have many times in my bid to watch some trending movies, visited some channels and from there I was directed to the vlogger's website to get what I needed.
Aside this, you can also drop a shortened url to your website or blog either in your description, as a pinned comment of even somewhere in the video. If you play the card well, people would surely love to check your site out.

- YouTube AdSense

This should have come first, because it is the king of all but I decided to put it last because this article is for the beginners. With the new Google's policy on YouTube videos, you have to get at least 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 watch hours on your channel before you can be able to monetize it.
How many people can wait till then? You can kill two birds with a stone - as you are trying to hit Google's requirements, you are also using any of the strategies I taught above.
Believe me, you will be a few steps closer to your dreams.

What's more? Thanks for reading along. If you are looking for the best way to start an internet career, then you should grab a copy of our new e-book, 'Making Millions In Your Dark Room'. In it, we talked about all you need to set off the fire in internet business.
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