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How to make money online
After a lot of struggles, you will agree totally with me that it is almost impossible to make more than $100 (₦37,000) monthly as an average worker.
The low standard of living, coupled with our bad leadership and poor education all work together to make the whole act of living quite unfavorable. We all have talents, dreams and a lot of ambitions, but what will happen to us when there's no one to push our dreams, and no government to sponsor, because they all are busy sending their kids and wives abroad while we who voted them in are left to barely feed completely thrice a day.

This means that if you're waiting for the politicians, you are actually waiting your time. There is no excuse to getting a job, because even your fellow students are already living off their sweats.
But that is for the introduction. The easiest way to make money now is to do that ONLINE! By online, I mean you are on your laptop, day in, day out, feeding yourself legitimate without having a boss or being coerced surround by someone. It is freedom, it is lovely and you will ever be happy.
By 2020, more than 70% of Africans will have an internet access, which means that if you should go into internet business, you will no doubt benefit perfect from this market.

Imagine having 2 billion people visit your store, at least 5 million will buy and even if you sell the product for $1 each, you will turn a millionaire in USD. I'm not trying to hype you, but we are in reality.
How old are you now? How many years have you been making plans and how many have worked? Things rarely go the way we want them, so it's solely our duties to make them work.
We published a 72-pages e-book, 'Making Millions In Your Dark Room', on over 18 awesome ways you can start an internet based job and become financially free in 3 months.
We weren't kidding!
How to make money online
Do you see my PayPal balance? How would you like to have something similar?
The eBook has gotten a lot of testimonials, with some people even seeking for permission to reproduce it, showing how rich it actually is.
In the e-book, we covered over 18 ways through which you can earn a living online, doing those very little things you love.
Whether as a student, worker or anything, you can combine your job with an internet based job to triple your net worth.

What Are The Contents Of This E-book?

To be frank, it is more like a course. I shared the very tips that helped me double my monthly income from less than $100 to as high as $4,000, you can see that in the screenshot I shared above.
What and what dis I cover in this killer career guide?
Blogging: You can start making as much as much as $2,000, from your own blog or website, writing about the very things you love. It's very easy, I covered it in the e-book.
Affiliate Marketing: Who would have known that affiliate marketing will turn people so wealthy now? You have to rush in before it becomes too late...lol! I'm kidding though, but a stitch in time saves nine, start making your millions today from affiliate marketing.
Freelance Writing /Content Creation: This really paid my bills when I was in school. Rather than waste my time chatting online, I was busy writing for my Indian and American clients and making good $$$.
Test Websites & Apps: Rather than install useless apps on your android, why not get paid to do that? You need our guide!
Create A Niche Website/Website Flipping: Not all webmasters are bloggers, you can sell a one year old website for as much as $900. It is also a very good internet business.
Website Publishing: You can also make a lot of money doing website publishing, and it needs very little capital.
Email Marketing: What if we show you how to generate email lists and make money from them? Everything is money today!
Cartoon & Video Creation/YouTube: If you follow our blogs, you would have heard us tons of times ringing bells about YouTubing. It is actually much more lucrative than you think, but you need to know the secrets to succeed.
Selling Your Stuff Online: We will show you how to start making money off your used stuff, so why keep throwing them away?
 • Editing/Translating: It's time to make money off the Google translator in your laptop. Tons of clients are waiting to hire you today.
Graphics Designing/Logo Creation: If you're a good graphics designer, this e-book will show you how to sell your talent.
Search Engine Optimization: If you can learn SEO, you can equally make money from it. There are so many clients lining up in wait for you.
App creation: As more Android and Apple products are being created, so are application and software jobs multiplying. If you can create, then it's time to get a job. If you can't, then get our e-book and learn it yourself.
Customer Service: There are so many companies that will hire you to do voice over for them. All you do is sit at home, hear their customer's problems and tell the company.
Social Network/Forum Creation: I guess you didn't know you could turn a millionaire doing this, but now you know, don't mess with it. Learn how to launch yours today!
Social Media Advertising: We have social media pages of over 100,000 followers, and we can teach you how to create yours and make money from them. You can make as much as ₦40,000 per page.
Social Media Manager: If you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other top social network, then there are tons of companies that will hire you to manage their accounts. You need to see them now.
Ethical Hacking: We touched a bit of this, so you wouldn't use it for the malicious purposes. White-hat hackers are in high demand now.
Tutor Students: You can now teach foreign students from the comfort of your house. You only need a laptop and speedy internet, this e-book will show you how.
Extras: We added a lot of things like-;
- how to get above 5,000 Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers + likes which you can then sell for money because everything is money now
- how to get AdSense approval
- how to get a 100,000 Facebook group members, etc
- You’ll also get access to our after sales coaching on making money online for a month.

You really need to change your financial life. We have been selling this book for ₦3,000 in the past few months, but some people keep begging that we reduce it. The truth is that, these secrets are priceless, and most times we insist on the set price.
However, today is good news. We recently uploaded it to Paystack, and have decided to give it out to the first 100 people who will purchase it from there at only ₦1,800.

Is it still expensive? Well, it is still on sale on Gumroad for $9.99, and on every other store at ₦3,000. Up until yesterday, there was no slash but we decided to help more people, since it is better to make name than to make money!
Please do yourself a favor, go to Paystack and get yourself a copy now, there are unlimited copies.

Frequently asked questions

- What if you don't have a credit card?
You can call us via +234 907 297 9302, email contact[at]infoguideafrica.com or contact us to pay via bank transfer. Please state that you saw this promo to avoid being charged the normal price.
- Is it legitimate?
Well, I can't teach you how to make money illegitimately. Since those people you're stealing from could make theirs, why can't you?
- Who is selling this e-book to me?
If you follow this blog well, you would have known us by now. We are the co-founders of a few blogs, such as InfoGuideAfrica.com, Know.com.ng and Reporter247.org. We have published articles on over 100 top websites, including Forbes, Huffington Post, Blasting News and many others. We are very active on the Nigerian bloglosphere and have gotten over 20,000 social media followers on Twitter alone.
- How will I get this e-book after paying?
If you pay via Paystack, you will receive it automatically after payment. If you pay into our bank account, kindly text your payment details to +234 907 297 9302 together with your email, we will deliver to you in less than 10 minutes.
- Is there any money back guarantee?
Yes...100%. If 24 hours after purchasing the e-book, you feel it is a waste of your money, please contact us and get back your money immediately.

We are not here to scam, we are here to help everyone make a living online. The sky is big enough to contain every bird, so is the internet!
Grab a copy now, and you'll ever thank the day you saw this.

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