ValuedVoice Review: Start Making Money From Sponsored Posts

ValuedVoice Review
Making money online is not so easy,especially when there are many scam websites around claiming to be real.
In Nigeria alone, there are many websites that promise people millions of Naira in exchange for their precious time an money then at the end you'll notice that they are all scams. No one loves being scammed, especially in this hard economy.
To be honest, there are many legitimate ways of making money online and ValuedVoice is one of them. They'd pay you for every article or sponsored post that goes live on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube channel or blog.

What Is ValuedVoice

ValuedVoice (formerly LinkVehicle) is one of the amazing websites that you can visit today to start monetizing your influence. They pay you for sponsored posts on your social media handles.
If you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest account or YouTube channel with good followers, then this is a great opportunity for you to start monetizing your fame.

How To Sign-Up For ValuedVoice

- ValuedVoice sign up is very easy, just visit ValuedVoice.com
- Create an account
- Add your social media accounts and blogs
- Set your price per shout-out or sponsored post
- Start earning
It's very easy

Does ValuedVoice Pay?

Yes, this is a screenshot of my earnings. 
ValuedVoice Review
They pay influencers and all you need is to add your accounts.

What Is ValuedVoice Payment Method?

ValuedVoice currently pays through only PayPal,so you need to have a PayPal account before you can successfully create an account with them.
However, even if you don't have any PayPal account,you can easily maneuver the sign-up stage by filling in your regular email there.
When you reach the minimum payout, you can then add a PayPal account.

Which Kind Of Sponsored Posts Will You Publish?

ValuedVoice work with so many brands like Ikea, Ford, Disney, ClubW, Verizon, Nutrisystem, Walmart, BestBuy and Sephora.
So getting sponsored posts from such big brands is an amazing source of income.
So if you have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube channel or blog, visit ValuedVoice.com now to sign up and start getting sponsored posts.
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