Triple Your Net Worth With Blogging In 6 Months

All about blogging
Blogging is the latest trend in the internet business world, and it is come to stay. With over 30 million websites in the world today, at least 40% of them are blogs.
These blogs are so many, there are so many differences that differentiate them, and two strategic differences - blogs making money for their owners and those that aren't. Blogging is passion, but how about getting paid in dollars for that? I started my first blog a few years ago.
Having blogged for some good number of years, I have no doubt become a witness to the fact that blogging is lucrative.
It took me 6 months to make my first $50 from my first blog, and then my internet career zoomed off. In less than 2 years of blogging, I was already turning in minimum $3,000 (₦900,000) monthly from my blogs and yea, I have three blogs in total.
Prior to that, I was just a 100L student, could hardly subscribe my laptop and phone and was always broke. I started freelance writing, and with my pocket allowance, purchased my first domain name.

I was actually double minded, because I had big blogger friends who were already making it, but I wasn't sure I could make it. However, a friend motivated me. He knew I was good online, and knew that the best way for me was to start blogging.
After my first $50, I was so happy. It was little, but my dreams were already coming to pass.
I was like, 'so I have gotten my first ₦17,000 online? Men this internet is actually paying off...!'
I needed no more motivation to set off the business and I did a little Google search and stumbled into an online blogging class. I needed to be coached and had some little money, so I was lucky enough to find one that was having a discount.
I joined and with the skills I learnt from the class (the man is one of Nigeria's top bloggers), I made my first $1,000 in a month. I saw that business was going very fine and you know what I did next?
I launched my two other blogs...Lol!

Aside this blog, I also co-manage Information Guide Africa and Reporter 247. That is how we survive as blogprenueurs (blog-entrepreneurs), running more than a blog to cover so many niches.

How do we do that? In normal senses, running more than one blogs isn't a child's play. You have to write content, publish and generate traffic for the three and it is as difficult as you can imagine.

However if one is paying well, don't you need more than that? That is why we are introducing you to our blogging classes titled:
Blogging 101 - Triple Your Net Worth With Blogging In 6 Months

How fun do you think this world is? How fun would it be if you have an extra ₦300,000 in your bank account? For me, let me be in your shoes now, it will be a BLAST!

We have just launched a blogging course to help young people set off the fire of writing in them.

Why must you be a blogger?
- It will make you money: Yea, with blogging, your future is secured financially. You do not even need a university degree to become a pro-blogger.
- It will get you fame: Who doesn't like to be famous? With blogging, I have gotten over 30,000 social media followers and still counting. You can forget about it if you don't want to have a name.
- Bogging will aid you develop your writing skills: Everyday I learn to write better, thanks to blogging. I didn't do English Language in the university anyways...Lol!
- It will help you touch lives: Within my few years of blogging, I have positively touched over 300,000 humans, and yea, it is globally. I have touched so many Africans, Asians and European lives positively.

How will you become a part of this our course?

We just launched the course due to the high demand by our audience, and kept it at a very affordable price, but that's only for the early birds.
If you are among our first set of students, we are doing it for you at only ₦14,500, and yea, before the ending of next month, the price will be back to the normal ₦25,000.

What and what will you learn in the course of the classes?

We will teach you everything you need to know about blogging, and then OUR BIG SECRET! We are giving all our students the BIG SECRET that made us our first $3,000 from blogging and still going.
...and before I forget, we will also give you a FREE BLOG WITH CUSTOM DOMAIN NAME to start up your own blog. Yea, there's no time to waste. We are giving all our students free blogs and domain names all at this price, we are out here to help all of us.

Some topics that will be touched in the course of the tutorials include:
- Content Writing
• How to write contents that speak your mind
• How to write contents that sell you everywhere
• Writing killer contents for your SEO (very rare)
• InfoGuideAfrica.com killer guide to evergreen content
• The success keyword research toolkit for every blogger
• How to add site description, tags and so many more

- Generating blog traffic
• The killer guide to 5,000 free daily visitors
• How to conquer the search engines stress-lessly
• How to get over 100,000 Facebook fans in a few weeks
• How to get over 100,000 members to your Facebook group
• Killer guide to over 50,000 Twitter followers in 3 months
• The secret that helped me get over 100,000 blog mail subscribers

• The killer guide to boosting your DA/PA
• How to get yourself over 1,000 daily free traffic from Google easily
• Hack to increase your social signals (very rare)
• How I built my backlinks to over 200,000 in six months

- Making money from your blog
This is the major deal! I will teach you the secret that helped me start generating over ₦300,000 monthly blogging indoors even without using Google AdSense, and yea, our BIG SECRET is there too!

We will cover:
- Affiliate marketing
- Information marketing
- Internet marketing
- Ad networks
- OUR BIG SECRET and many more.

Don't waste any more time before we take the price back to normal. Start making your ₦300,000 monthly even as a student, housewife or any other things you do now.
Join our blogging courses!

A normal school fees for primary education is ₦25,000, yet they wouldn't teach you how to make money. Grab our course + a free blog today and you will thank us in two months time.

The course will take place wherever you chose, Facebook, WhatsApp or by email, and yea, it is personal! We take only 5 students at a time and it runs for two weeks. If you contact us when the slots are filled, then you might have to wait.

How can you join us?

To get started, the only requirement is the start up fee of ₦14,500 (for just now). You can pay that into any of our bank accounts:
- Igbo Clifford 0248961557 - Guaranty Trust Bank
- Igbo Stanford 2123026668 - UBA

 Join Now

If you are not a Nigerian, you can pay via PayPal, Payoneer, PayStack or credit card. Please contact us for that.
You can also call/text/WhatsApp us via +2349072979302 or email contact@infoguideafrica.com for more details. We must make this money this year!

Update: So many people are asking us if they can blog with their mobile phones, the answer is a very big YEAH! The major issue with blogging with phone is getting the blog created and designed, but we are giving you a free blog, so all you do is install the app and start making your money!
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