Jumia Affiliate Review | How To Start Making ₦50,000 Monthly Promoting Different Products

Jumia Affiliate Review
Jumia affiliate is one of the affiliate programs you can join as a Nigerian to start making money online promoting products you love.
Jumia is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in Nigerian and Africa as a whole, in fact Jumia is in many African countries. If you are from countries like Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Tunisia, Senegal, Algeria, Uganda and Tanzania you can still sign-up as an affiliate.

Jumia Affiliate Sign Up

To create an account as a Jumia affiliate is not a hard task, you just have to fill in your details and submit for approval. They usually accept all affiliates (or rather, I've not heard that they rejected someone before) so it's worth trying.
- So the first step is to visit Affiliates.Jumia.Com
Jumia Affiliate Review

- Fill in the form with your correct data
Jumia Affiliate Review
- In the account type, select individual unless the other options are applicable to you
Jumia Affiliate Review
- Enter your
  - First Name
  - Last Name
  - Email
  - Phone Number
  - Residence Country
  - Solve the recaptcha
and then Click on START EARNING to submit the form.
Approval takes less than 24 hours and you'll be notified via email when approved. After tyat, you'll have to sign into your account.

Jumia Affiliate Marketing Sign In

To sign-in to your Jumia affiliate account, you'll first visit Affiliates.Jumia.Com and click on on the SIGN IN at the top right angle of the screen
Jumia affiliate signin
- The next step is to enter your password and email, solve recaptcha then click on SIGN IN
Jumia Affiliate Review
This will take you to your affiliate dashboard, and you'll now be set to choose and promote any product of your choice.
Jumia Affiliate Review
There is nothing on my dashboard because I don't promote products to Egypt, however you can change to any country of your choice to view your earnings.

How To Use Jumia Affiliate Link Builder

Unlike the Konga Affiliate program, you'll have to use the Jumia link builder to get a link for any product you want to promote.
So to get your affiliate link for any product, simply click on tools, then link builder
Jumia Affiliate Review
You'll have to go to the Jumia homepage to get the product that you'd like to promote. Then copy the product link and paste on the box written PAGE URL.
Select your target country by clicking on the OFFER
Copy your link from the FINAL URL box and you're set to start promoting
Jumia Affiliate Review
That's just it, alternatively you can visit the banner to get awesome banners for your promotion.

Jumia Affiliate Reset Password

Everyone makes mistakes and we forget our passwords at times, so if it ever happens to you, don't panic, just head over to the SIGN IN page to request for a new password.
The link will be sent to your email and with it you'll create a new one.

How To Promote Jumia Affiliate Link

You can promote the Jumia affiliate products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other social networks. Your blog is also another platform for generating sales.
You can also consider using forums like Nairaland since they'll help expose you to a greater audience.

Jumia Affiliate Help

The Jumia affiliate works on Intercom so you'll just have to visit this page to request for any help.

In conclusion, the Jumia affiliate program is an amazing way of earning yourself some good income online as an influencer. Remember, every business requires creativity, so you should be creative as an affiliate of any program.
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