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PeerFly Review

Peerfly is one of the top CPA affiliate programs you can join now. If you are new to CPA, then this Peerfly review is for you.
CPA is the short form for Cost Per Action. It is a kind of affiliate marketing whereby you do not compulsorily need to generate any sales to earn commissions, just get people perform some actions.

Some of the actions they could perform include things like:
- Signing up for a products' or services' free trial
- Submitting their emails to a service
- Submission of credit card details
- Pin submissions
- Completing surveys
- Purchasing a product and so on. 

They are too numerous, and you can get over 30,000 offers to make your perfect choices from. I happened to sign-up for the Peerfly and I must confess that it is 100% legit. If you are asking the question, 'is Peerfly legit?', then you got my guarantee. 

What Is Peerfly?

Peerfly is a top cost per action or CPA affiliate network. It is a direct alternative to the MaxBounty, which is not currently accepting all countries. You have to join them, wait for approval and start making your money immediately after that.
Approval of your account takes less than a week, and you will have to answer additional questions before you will be approved. The Peerfly earnings differ of course, your hustle will determine how much you make.

I first heard about this network on Facebook, then I made a little Google research. One of the top blogs I bumped into was TylerCruz.com, and he showed his earnings from them. $9,000 in a week?
I was like woooh! This is bleeping amazing. After that I read a little more reviews, then I signed up and in less than a week, I was already smiling!

How To Make Money From Peerfly.com

The first step to making money with them is to Sign Up! After signing up, you will have to wait for a few days to get their approval.
In mine, it was about five days. They emailed me for some more details before approving my account. I believe if you fill in all the required details correctly, it will take you shorter time. After that, you will be prompted to add your payment method. It is not compulsory to generate revenue, but of course it is to get paid. Their payment method is Payoneer and you can sign up for an account here.

Now I'm not here to ring my normal bells...Lol! I recently published an article on how you can start turning in $400 online monthly as a student, and I would advice you check it out. The Peerfly CPA isn't actually for everyone, that's why I advice you visit that article if you don't really have the funds to invest in adverts.

So many people are asking, 'How Can I Get Paid Per Click On Facebook?". Lol...so funny right, but Peerfly has made that possible. You can promote your offers on Facebook and begin to generate leads from there. The truth is that a good number of offers there need traffic and leads from the Tier 1 countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. That is why you now need to run ads to those people.

Imagine getting people to submit their emails, then you make $0.6 per emails submitted. A hundred successful submissions would total how much? Some offers are even as much as $12, and some lower than my first examples. However, you are not under pressure to make any choices. You can simply pick the ones you can promote and set off.
I know these look juicy, but it's not so easy, at least starting from application and approval.

Let's get started...

- How to apply for PeerFly.com CPA

As I earlier said, they do not approve every applications. There are somethings that would cause you immediate disapproval if they appear on your profile, so you need a guide.
While applying, never say that you will promote their offers via email marketing, they NEVER allow that! Please take note. Having a blog is an added advantage, so you can hit me up if you need one. I will deliver it to you in less than 48 hours.

You can also link to Facebook pages as your landing pages, they accept that. I think their links have been banned from Twitter, but that's not an issue anyways. You can always write about your offers on your blog and send them across to your Twitter fans.
On approval, they will assign you to your own account manager. You will be given their emails and phone numbers, so you can contact them for help anytime!

- Choose high converting offers and promotions

You will not want to throw your grains to the birds right? In CPA, you have to play your cards very well. 
Scroll down and look right, you will see the high converting offers.
PeerFly Review
Hehe don't mind my red, I don't want to mix up things. After picking an offer, carefully look at the requirements.

Some need specific countries, and promoting otherwise would be a waste. A good number of offers on this first page will require you receive your first earnings before you can join, so you can forget about that and go to search.
PeerFly Review
There you will see a lot of options to search with.
For my example, we will be using the 'Flash Player for Windows (US)'.
It is available for promotion only to the USA. 

You will see the landing page screenshot, pay out and some other bla bla bla at the top.
PeerFly Review
They are some of the things you might want to know before starting the campaign. Scroll down and you will see some more options...PeerFly Review
Your affiliate link to the campaign and some other vital information about it. Please take them serious to avoid loosing your revenue or even account.
Mind where the owner wants you to generate traffic from, the country and any other rules. They are the ones paying you.

Now copy your affiliate link and share it to your audience, especially if they are staying in the specified demography. By submitting their emails, they are already potential customers and that is why you are important.
You can promote on Facebook, Google+, Blogs, YouTube and any other allowed channels according to the brand. We wish you the best as you push forward with CPA.
Please drop us comments if you find anything confusing and we'd keep in touch! If you would also love to start making $400 monthly as a student, then click here!

Don't forget to share so your friends can partake from this offer.
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