Make ₦50,000+ Monthly From The Slourish Affiliate Program

Slourish Affiliate Program
The Slourish is a platform that connects start-ups to investors. They will help you get yourself an investor to your business and you make your money from that.
Now, one of the major issues start-ups face is the lack of capital to start up. We have already published a review of the platform and you can check it out.
To avoid wasting much time, I'd go straight to the review of the affiliate program here.

Slourish Affiliate Review

The Slourish is a platform that connects investors to start-ups. All you need to do is register, upload the required document to prove that you are legit and start getting sponsors for your business.
As an investor, you will also need to register, link up to any start-ups you want to and invest in their business. You will start making your own money from them as agreed and the platform will see to that.

Slourish has also provided an affiliate program which can make you as much as ₦50,000 per month, referring investors and start-ups to them. You do not need to pay any dime to join unlike other affiliate programs and you do not need to refer someone to earn.

How Does The Slourish Affiliate Program Work

It works just like so many other affiliate programs, but the opportunities to earn are better.
- Visit Slourish.com/register to create a new account
- Apply to be an affiliate. You will get a unique url
- Start promoting it on your Facebook, Twitter, blog and so on

They will pay you per click, per sign-up and per conversion. For each click you generate, you make ₦1.5, for each sign-up ₦100 and for each conversion ₦2,000.
If you can generate 10 sign-ups a day, you just made ₦1,000!

However, avoid clicking on your own links, remember they're humans like you and will do everything possible to protect themselves against frauds. Let's make money online together.

Kindly share and drop your comments. We'd be here to help!
To find out more, visit Slourish.com!
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