How To Start Making $500+ Monthly From A Music Website

How To Start Making $1,000+ Monthly From A Music Blog Even In Nigeria
Nigerians are lovers of entertainment, and music is a key part of the entertainment world. I'm an addicted music lover...Lol, and pretty sure I'm not alone in this.
I get to hear most songs released by the top Nigerian artists, less than 24 hours after the are released either from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Nairaland, NaijaLoaded or any other top sites and always among the first to rate them.
However, no one pays me to be a music lover. Is anyone else really paid? You may ask...
Well, you can pay yourself to be one, and I'm not kidding.

As I have always said, making money online has never been this easier. You can make money from almost anything you can do online, and music blogging isn't an exception. In this article, I'll show you how you can start making a living from the internet, right in the comfort of your home running a music blog.
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Now in running a music blog, there are a few things you need to know:
- You MUST work on your SEO traffic: Search engine traffic, is free but not cheap. The competition is much, and you are fighting with the big heads. It is a game of survival of the fittest, and you need to work pretty smart to outrank them.
- Copyright infringement is a big issue: Nigerian artists don't take this really serious, so you necessarily do not have to bother. However if you want to chip in foreign music, then put a disclaimer on your site to make them know that you take down music on request. It will save you much headache, including loosing your site.
- The music you post should advertise for you: I don't know if you've heard things like, 'download more music from waploaded dot com' at the end of any music? It is a free advertisement for the site and it is essential, though some users find it offensive.
- Hosting might be a bit pricey: Some of the cheapest hosting services I've come across are offered by WhoGoHost.com, however you will need to upgrade your hosting plans as you get more traffic and upload more content. Of course that shouldn't be a problem, since you're making your own money.
- You must be fast to publish: Have you ever tried to search for any music a day after they were released on Google? You will be sure to see over 50 blogs with the same music, yet more are still posting. If the people who publish first are competing, what happens when you publish last? The hustle really is though so speed is a must.

Now, you've seen some of the things you need to do before setting up the site, the next is to set up your site.
- Go to Whogohost.com or Bluehost.com to purchase your hosting, then a domain name. Most of the hosting plans come with free domain names, so that will not be a headache.
- You can easily set up your website, or contact me to do it for you at a very affordable rate. You will need to use a very professional theme so that your website will come up with a very beautiful design.
- After creating the site, then you have to work on your SEO. We have already published some amazing free SEO tips for beginners and I suggest you see them here.
- When you're good to go, start publishing your latest music. Always endeavor to write original contents for your articles, because duplicate contents are so much online and most times get buried at the bottom of the search engine results.

When you've started delivering enough value and gotten a good audience, your traffic will begin to boost and it's time to make money with the blog.
Some of the easiest ways to make money with your blog include:
- Ad networks: You can use any of these ad networks to monetize your blog. Some pay per clicks, others per impressions and some pay for both!
- Affiliate marketing: In affiliate marketing, you refer people to purchase other people's products and generate revenues from that. We have written a lot of affiliate marketing sources that can pay you up to $10 per conversion, please see them here.
- Sponsored posts: Sponsored posts are also another awesome way to make money online. You will make posts for brands and earn from that. To learn more, you can visit this page.
- Sales of products: You can sell your own products online and make good money online. If they are digital products, then upload them to this website and they will sell, collect your money and pay you.

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Either ways,you will need good traffic to keep it going. Thanks for reading along, if you really want to make a living from blogging, then I strongly suggest you join our blogging classes!
If you need further help, don't forget to drop us a comment.
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