How To Make $1,000+ Monthly Online Reviewing Products

How to make money online writing product reviews
Making money online from any country has never been easier. As I have always said, anything you can do online can earn you money.
I recently published an article on how you can make at least $500 per month writing poems and you can check it out. Today we will be talking about how you can make a living writing reviews of products you use, whether online or offline and it is very lucrative.
We all use products, whether digital or physical. I have a lot of software which I use to power my internet businesses, and most of the stuff I use I purchase online. With all these, I have found out a way through which you can make good money online writing reviews of all these stuff and they are all legitimate.
In case you missed my last article, please see how you can make as much as $1,000 monthly writing people's biographies here. It is very easy and legit, just your brain and typing ability as in this reviews writing.

How To Make Money Online Writing Reviews

There are so many ways to make money online from product reviews, however we will highlight these few. If you use them well, they will favor you heavily. We want the best for you...

- Joining software review platforms

If you use (or can rewrite reviews of) software, then you can make month writing their reviews. I made about $200 from that last month and you too can. The two top websites where you can get paid to write reviews are Capterra.com and Gartner.com.
For the first, you earn $10 per review for up to 10 reviews and for the second, $25 per review for up to 10. That means that you can make a total of  $350. Nice right? We have published articles on how you can write reviews that will get approved and you can check them out here and here.
The easiest way to cash out is the Amazon gift cards and you can use it to shop online.

- Affiliate marketing

If you used an iPhone X and liked it, then you tell your friends about it and they like it too, they will love to purchase it. All you need to  do is convince them to purchase it on Konga, Jumia or any other eCommerce sites you work as their affiliates.
When they want to purchase,you will give them a unique url with which to purchase the products and you earn your commissions. If isn't only for physical products, you can also review digital products and services like eBooks and earn yourself some commissions. I am a Whoghost affiliate and earn commissions for any successful domain name or host sales I generate. You can see more affiliate companies here.

- Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online now and product reviews is one of the best niches to go into. You can write reviews of products and services you have used, then give your readers your affiliate link to go try out the services too.
Even of you do now want to run a full product review blog, it can be multi-niche or a personal blog and then you review some of the products and services you have used there. Either ways, you will monetize it with affiliate marketing (the best way), ad networks or any other ways you chose. You can see some of the highest paying ad networks here.

If you need a blog to venture into your internet business, don't hesitate to contact me. I deliver in 24 hours and your blog will be up and standing. Making money online through any of these ways requires consistency and with time, you will see your profit rolling in.
Have you tried any of these above? Kindly drop your comments and don't forget to share!
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