How To Make $1,500 Monthly From Your Twitter Account

Make money online from Twitter
I recently published an article on how you can start making good money monthly from your Facebook account, and it is really going well.
You can start  making ₦50,000+ monthly from that your Facebook and I mean it, please check that out. Now,I put that first because more people use the Facebook social media more than the Twitter, however I am very active on both- they are my favorite social networking sites and of course, every other bloggers'.

Before I begin, NO ONE PAYS YOU TO TWEET! I repeat, no one is going to pay you to tweet, except it is an advert or something similar, then there are websites that can do that. However, who'd want to pay someone who is not even popular yet? You see it is difficult to make money from tweeting people's products, and so I decided to publish this article on how you can start making your own good money from Twitter, while others are busy there wasting their time!
Kindly read on.

How To Make Money Online From Your Twitter Account

As I have earlier stated, you will need to be famous, like really famous to make good money from your Twitter as an influence. I have just 13,000 followers on my Twitter account as at the time of writing this article, and I can say it is not a target for any advertiser.
I therefore decided to skip all protocols and start making my own money from my Twitter account, and I will teach you how. Let's get it going!

- Getting blog traffic

Maybe you never knew, but Twitter is one of the homes of all serious bloggers. I recently told a friend that if my Twitter handle wasn't earning me any money, I would have deleted it 2016 and I wasn't kidding. She was surprised like, '...Clifford mbok tell me more...!"
Lol... I will send her a link to this article. From Twitter alone, sometimes I get up to 2000 views on my blog, thanks to the use of hashtags. All I do is write an article on a trend, then share it with the hashtags eg #BBNaija and stuff like that.
On pc, you can get them on the side of your Twitter profile, slighly below your profile.
Make money online from Twitter

Use as many as you like, but not so much to weary your followers. You can switch by country to even make it more targeted.
With the use of hashtags, you can generate a lot of traffic to your websites and even sales pages. It worked for me, it will work for you. If you want to learn more about blogging and how you can start turning in $1,500+ monthly from that, please go here!
I also have a free eBook on 100+ websites that pay $100+ per article for limited readers, please claim yours here!

- Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply generating sales for people's products and services and earning commissions for that. You can start turning in $400+ monthly from this even as a student and it is very easy.
One of the major setbacks affiliate marketers face is the lack of traffic, and thanks to Twitter hashtags and even the whole social network, that isn't a huge issue anymore. Some of the best affiliate programs include Slourish, Whogohost, Jumia, Konga, Peerfly and Domainking.
We have written a lot about affiliate marketing and you should also check them out.

- Selling of your own products and services

A single tweet can make you a thousand dollars! All you need are the right strategies. Have you hear about the dropshipping business? It can make you $200 monthly. You will need a website to do these effectively and you can contact us for one.
The reason is because you will need a landing page to explain your business very well. Tweets are limited to around 140 characters and that isn't enough for even the most creative writer. When you give a brief attractive headline, then a shortened link, you will be opening the way to lots of customers you might never have met.

What do you think? There are other tons of ways to make money from your Twitter handles and I'm sure you know them! Kindly drop us your comments and don't forget to share, you'd be helping others!
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