How To Make $500+ Monthly Writing Peoples Biographies

How To Make $1000+ Monthly Writing People's Biographies
I remember few years back, probably 8+ years ago, when I was still in the secondary school, whenever we had an argument, I'd be the first to rush my phone and boom...GOOGLE!
The arguments then always centered on the lives of celebrities and you know, Google will always have an answer to those our little questions. I never knew I'd be here someday running and making money from my own website, how time really flies!

However, that's not what we're here to discuss today. I'm here to teach you how you can start making your own money online monthly, making celebrity videos and writing about them.

Before we go on, kindly show us a little favor, subscribe to our new YouTube channel. Guys please help us, it really means a lot. We will be sharing more killer ways to make money online there! Aside that, there will also be periodic give-aways like gift cards, airtime, eBooks and of course, free courses.

Now, thanks a lot, I'm sure you'd have subscribed, let's go on! In making money from writing biographies, one thing you should put your mind on, you can write on anybody you feel like. For instance, my other blog, InfoGuideAfrica.com recently started a biographies section. I write about anybody I can, from pastors, musicians, actors and even up to writers and bloggers. That means the niche can't be saturated. 
If you don't want to write about the secular world, then you can go gospel. If you dislike entertainment, then go to politics or education. If you are a jack of many trades (like I am...Lol!), then go for a multi-niche.

How To Create A Biographies Site Free Of Charges

In creating a blog, there are so many hosts to chose from. Many of them are foreign, and yet a good number of them are free. However, I choose blogspot.com for someone who wants to create a biographies website, especially as a beginner.
All you need is a domain name, that is why I added the FREE above. For your domain names, I recommend Whogohost.com. If you can't create the website, please call or text me via +2349072979302. I will build it in 24 hours for you at a very affordable rate.

After creating the site, the next step is to build your domain authority. Building your domain authority is very essential, because as a new blogger, you might not have the social media influence to get yourself enough traffic, so you will be dependent on the search engine traffic. The ways sites rank are dependent on a lot of things, and the DA, PA, number of backlinks [see more here], quality of content and many other factors decide this.

Now, you have to start publishing aggressively. You can set a target, and I recommend as much as 6 biographies a day for the first 2 months of running the website. This will help improve your bounce rate and keep users engaged.
When you notice that your website is already adding value, it is time to start making money. You can monetize it through affiliate marketing, ad networks, selling of products, or any other way(s) you chose. 
That was easy right? Making money online has never been easier! We wish you the best. If you need further help, kindly drop us a comment or contact us and don't forget to share!
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