Refer People To Payoneer And Make ₦7,000 Per Referral

Refer People To Payoneer And Make ₦7,000 Per Referral
Cashing out your earnings from foreign companies and firms is now one of the easiest things to do if you are working online, but you must work with foreigners if you will make it online.
I started using PayPal, but we are not allowed to use it as Nigerians, making is very essential we apply hacks to help us use it to cash out our earnings. October, I was locked out of my account with $30 and they named some verification bla bla bla! The money was gone, and I decided to use more of Payoneer now.

Payoneer.com is one of the top PayPal alternatives. They are better because they give you different account numbers a US account number, British account number, Canadian account number, Chinese account number, Japanese account number, Australian account number and a European account number.

However that's not what are here to talk about, we are here to talk about the Payoneer affiliate program. Payoneer will pay you $24 (around ₦7,000) per approved sign-up you generate.
However, there's a condition to it, the person has to make a transaction of $1,000. Once they do, you get $25, they get $25.
Payoneer affiliate program

Here's a screenshot of my last referral. Some days I refer up to 5 people, some days none. Only a few of my referrals have made transactions of up to $1,000, but I teach them working ways to make money online so they can make their own money, then I make mine...Lol! If you don't earn, I don't, so I have to work hard.

If you're interested in joining the Payoneer affiliate program, please go here. If you want to start making ₦35,000+ per article you write, visit this page.
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