Make $2,000+ Monthly Selling EBooks Online Without A Website

Make $2,000+ Monthly Selling EBooks Online Without A Website
We all have books in us but it takes determination to pen it down and publish. One of the major challenges writers face is their inability to publish their books with local publishers, of whom might not even be their audience.
For instance, you are e health personnel and happen to get the inspiration to write a book on how to maintain your skin color as a woman.
Let's assume you're in Nigeria, Onitsha, Anambra State to be precise, you have the main market with you, but you aren't sure the people there will be interested in the book.
I'm pretty sure people in business areas, such as Lagos and Onitsha are not bookaholics, and so making a physical copy shouldn't favor the author that much.

Now what do you do? Quit?
No... you have to make an eBook. Making an eBook is one of the easiest things you can do with a computer. We will see how to do that.

How To Write An EBook

In writing an eBook, you have to convert it to a format which you feel your audience would prefer most. I sell my eBooks on my own, so I prefer pdf formats. 
However if you sell on sites like OkadaBooks.com, you might need to make do with an ePub.
- Write your outline, it might later serve as your table on contents
- Write the eBook on a Word Processor, eg MS Word and save as you would normally do. If you are done writing and formatting by the time you save your work, you can alternatively save it as a pdf. If you saved as a docs, then go to the next step.
- The next is to go to a site like pdftoword.com, then upload and convert your eBook. With an online pdf maker, you can choose the option to make your pdf locked, copying disabled and so on.
- Open it with any app that can help you do that, I mostly use my browsers like Google Chrome.

Scan through the eBook, if there are any mistakes, go back to the word document, edit and reupload. You can consider giving it to someone to proofread, so you don't give your audience something they'd complain over.
Having done all these? Congrats! You have become an author. EPubs do not need an ISBN or any registrations to get on air.

Selling And Making Money With Your EBooks

In selling your eBook, there are two ways of doing that:
- Manual delivery after payments
You can ask your customers to pay into your bank account, then you deliver to them after payment. OMG that is worth a lot of headache. Imagine selling your first 100 copies and having to deliver manually?
I can say that this is a crude method and you shouldn't use it. The second is better.
- Automatic delivery of eBooks after payments
With this, customers get the options to pay via credit cards, PayPal, Stripe or any other payment getways they prefer. immediately the payment is confirmed, they will be delivered to their emails.
This is the best, and you make money while sleeping.
Amazon Kindle is the most popular eBook store, however I strongly discourage Africans from using is, at least till they modify their system to favor us. Nigerians and other top markets cannot purchase from Amazon and that is very bad.
Imagine your major audience not being able to purchase from you.
I prefer using Sellfy.com to sell to my foreign clients. You should also use them. As for my Nigerian audience, Paystack.com does the magic.

However with Paystack, you have to first upload the eBook to a cloud like Google drive, so that immediately after successful payments, they will be redirected to the page.

How To Generate Sales To Your EBook

Having uploaded it to Sellfy, you now have to share it to get people purchase the eBook. In sharing, you have to know your target audience.
 Ask yourself some questions like which age needs this book, which gender, demographics and so on? It will help you run targeted ads.
Some of the best channels to generate sales include:
- Facebook: Facebook is the king of social networking sites, so you shouldn't play with it. With as little as $40, you can run ads to reach 30,000 people and you know what that means.
Depending on how well targeted, you are sure of so many sells. Aside eBooks, you can also make as much as $1,500 monthly from Facebook, read more on this page.
- Twitter: I remember selling the first copy of one of my eBooks just from a tweet, I was like wow, so Twitter is like this? I published it immediately, tweeted it and someone purchased. Since then I started making better use of my Twitter handle and it has been favoring me.
You should use hash tags also, as they will help you reach more people.

If you need other ways to make money from your Twitter handle, please visit this page.
- Blog: If you own a blog, it's time to make money from it outside ad networks. Write an eBook on your niche, talk about it in your blog posts and that's all.
If you have good audience, you will be sure of selling well. 

What if you don't have one yet? We are here for you. Simply contact us or drop a comment, we will be sure to get back to you. We make the most affordable blogs out there and deliver in maximum 24 hours.
Thanks a lot for reading along. If you need further help, don't hesitate to drop us your comments, and don't forget to share to your friends!
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