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Hello guys, I trust we all are doing fine! We just launched our YouTube channel and are trying to get subscribers to the channel.
Subscription is 100% free and we are rewarding all who subscribe with our $4.99 (₦1500) eBook, '100 Websites That Pay Writers $100+ Per Article' free.

Now about the channel:
- It is a lifestyle channel, and an extension to our blogs. We will be sharing more awesome tips to help you make a living online there.
- It will be fun, you know we are always full of humor...Lol! Watch your favorite twin bloggers talk while they show you how to make money online!
- There will be a lot of giveaways! Really? You'd not want to miss out of this. Two days ago, we shared airtime on our Twitter handle and we will be doing a lot of that on YouTube. Already we have $150 PayPal funds and 4 domain names to reward a few of our loyal subscribers. We will do more of that!

What about the eBook?
Inside it we will give you over 100 carefully selected websites that pay writers $100+ per article. That is ₦30,000+ just to write? Well, we're not kidding!
How To Write For List Verse
That is just one of the sites above...

If we were still selling it, maybe you would have purchased it, of course it has sold a good number of copies it but now, we think it is worth rewarding you for subscribing to our channel.

What if you don't use YouTube? You have a Gmail account, just help us hit the SUBSCRIBE button. It is a great encouragement!

How To Claim Your Own Copy

- Subscribe to our channel on YouTube [please click here], it is 100% free
- Visit m.me/InfoGuideAfrica and drop us a message - 'eBook'. Please send only the word 'eBook'.
We will deliver it to you in a few minutes after verifying you subscribed.

That's all, it's time you welcome financial freedom!
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