Make ₦30,000+ Weekly Just For Subscribing To A YouTube Channel

Make ₦30,000+ Weekly Just For Subscribing To A YouTube Channel
Making money online just got easier, especially because you do not need a degree to get most of the web-based jobs.
We have published so many articles on how you can successfully start making a living online. Virtually anything you can do online can make you some good amount of money regularly.
You can make money online through:
- Blogging: Just by writing about anything you feel like, you can start turning in good profit for yourself. I've spoken about that several times and even have an online blogging class going on now.
- Graphics designing: If you are a good graphics designer, you can start making money for yourself for that online or offline.
- Freelance writing: You can write articles for people and make good money online.
- ECommerce: Have a shop, why not take it online? You can start making good money online for yourself selling your products and services.
- Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is also another awesome way to make money online. Just refer people to purchase others' products and services, then make your own money.
- Dropshipping: You just need to resell other people's products online, then make your gains.
- Software review: I have written about this so many times on this blog. You can earn yourself gift cards just for reviewing software.
How To Make Money For Subscribing To A YouTube Channel
We recently launched our YouTube channel and have a good budget for promoting it. One of the best ways to do this is by rewarding our 'active' subscribers.
Since you read this, you actually want to make money online right? We want to reward you for subscribing to us. It means you love us, and you deserve to be rewarded.

Every week two of our active subscribers will get $50 each in any way they want it. We can pay via bank transfer (if you're in Nigeria), PayPal, Payoneer or Amazon gift cards.
I don't know how long it will be, but I'm really not sure we are ending soon.

To join the competition, please:
- Visit and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel
- Turn on our notifications, so you will get notified whenever we post a new video (this is so you can get notified whenever we post a new video)
- Follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook (this is optional but if we can't contact you via your YouTube channel, we might need to announce the winner on these handles)

That's all you need! We will be giving the rewards based on the following:
- First to comment: Since the first to comment means you really love our channel, you stand better chances of getting picked!
- Most liked comments: If you make interesting comments, people will be encouraged to like and reply to that, so we should reward you.
- Random comments: Just for commenting, you deserve to be rewarded. We cannot track those who view our videos, so this is an honest way of rewarding them.
- First to click link: This will be our best way of picking winners. We simply attach a link somewhere in the video, whether in the description or a pinned comment. The first to click through claims the reward.
Mostly we will be giving out gift cards and airtime through this method and it will be once a week.

The competition is 100% FREE to join. All you need to do is hit the SUBSCRIBE button now and you're in.
For more information, please drop us a comment and don't forget to share!
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