Fomo Ad Network: Earn 4 Times Your Regular Adsense Income

Fomo Ad Network
Gone are the days people blog without earning because of the hundreds and thousands of amazing opportunities available online for bloggers.
There are so many ad networks available in the market today but only a few are really paying while a lesser few are really paying their publishers very well. We recently shared the Media.net platform as an amazing alternative to the Adsense and today we'll be sharing another great platform. Our today's ad network pays 2 to 4 times more than Adsense and automatically accepts all publishers, how great.
So what's this ad network that I'm about to present? The Fomo ad network.

What is Fomo?

Just like Adsense, Media.net, Chitika, Mgid and the other ad networks, Fomo will pay you for displaying ads on your blog. There are so many ad networks in Nigeria and a whole lot of more on Earth but just a few really compensate their publishers well for the ads displayed on their blogs and Fomo is one of the few.
Fomo publishers are paid up to $6 per impression making it the highest among the ad networks available to Nigerians.

How to become a Fomo publisher

Becoming a Fomo publisher doesn't require paying a million dollars or...it's 100% free and unlike Adsnse, you won't have to wait for any approval. Yes, you heard me well, right now all publishers get instant approval irrespective o traffic stats or blog niche.
All you have to do is to visit the sign-up page to create your account add your blogs,  verify them by pasting the given codes on your website and start earning from your blog.
The codes will be pasted on your website's and it'll be verified instantly.

Advantages of Fomo to publishers

- Fomo pays more than Adsense
- For now, all publishers are instantly approved
- All countries are accepted
- It doesn't affect your website's speed

What more?

If you have started monetizing your website with Fomo I guess you must have started collecting your own $$$. If you are on the opposite side and interested in earning from your blog, hurry now and create your account, add your blogs,verify them and start earning instantly.
If you encounter any issues you can contact their customer care or drop a comment here so w can solve them together.
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