How To Start Making ₦30,000+ Monthly From Your Facebook Account

How to make money from Facebook
Making money online has become very easier. I recently shared a post on how you can start making $400+ monthly even as a Nigerian student, and I'm here with another article.
Today, we will be learning how to make money online from your Facebook account, and yea, this is just one of the methods. If you need other awesome ways of making money from your Facebook account easily, please refer to this post.
From our previous article, one of the easiest ways to make money from your Facebook account is by posting sponsored articles on them. These sponsored posts will be paid for by brands and all you need to do is publish them on your social media pages and you get paid.

You can post them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media handle you use. You can even publish the articles on your blog and YouTube channel, if that is the case.
I'll be reviewing one of these companies - ValuedVoice.com today.
I recently got paid $70 by ValuedVoice.com and decided to share it with everyone so we all can benefit. Moreover it is 100% free to join. 
ValuedVoice payment proof

That is my payment proof above. All I did was post on my Facebook account and I made my own money online. However, you must have a PayPal account to receive your earnings and sadly, Nigerians are not allowed to use PayPal.
Before you will cash out your earnings, you must own a PayPal account. The good news is that we have found out how you can successfully use PayPal even as a Nigerian and you can see that on this page.

Continuing on the ValuedVoice, you have seen my payment proof above. It's 100% free to join and I think we all should benefit. They do not discriminate by country and you have equal chances of making money online. 
The only requirement is a PayPal account for cashing out your earnings. Visit ValuedVoice.com to sign up now and start making your own money online.
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