How To Make $2,000+ Monthly Online Writing About Cars In Nigeria

How To Make $2,000+ Monthly Online Writing About Cars In Nigeria
We all know a few things about cars, but have you imagined making money from that knowledge?
Personally, I'm not some kind of automobile freak. I just know a little about them, like their names and you know things like that, but I wish I had some more knowledge of cars, I should have been making a lot of money online from the knowledge.

Well, if you are privileged to know about them, then it's time to start making money from that knowledge!
There are so many people out there who want to purchase cars, or are just fans, but do not know much about them, and they go to Google, or even YouTube. I have this friend who is a kind of obsessed with cars, he follows a lot of Facebook pages related to cars, and spends a lot of data online watching the videos.

What if I teach you how to make money from people like this my friend? What if I teach you how you can start making money online from each of your videos or articles car lovers read?
Well, that is why I am here today! I'll teach you two chief ways through which you can monetize a car review site and vlog, and if you need more ways, kindly check out my killer eBook, 'The Successful Blogger'.
The book is very affordable and in it, there are lots of secrets on how I started making $500+ monthly from my blog, even when it wasn't up to 6 months old. Please see more by visiting this page.
Without wasting much of our time, let's go straight to the point.

How You Can Make A Living Online Writing About Cars

It is very easy to make money online nowadays. I recently shared an article on how you can start making as much as $400 monthly as a student, and if you missed it, please visit this page.
Today I'll be sharing with you two killer ways to start making money from talking about cars. 
It doesn't matter if you are a novice, you can still rewrite other people's content and make a living for yourself from that.
Just stay tuned! If you need other methods as I have earlier stated, please check out our eBook, 'The Successful Blogger'! It is very affordable and contains everything you will need to know about making money online blogging as a beginner.

- Vlogging

Vlogging or YouTubing, as many would call it is simply the creating and monetizing of video contents. It has grown within the years from being a hobby to being a full time job, and I earlier published a post on how you can start making as much as $2,000 monthly as a YouTuber.

Now, to start making money from videos online, you need consistency. I recommend you drop a new video at least once every three days, so that your subscribers can always have something new to check out.
Also avoid copyrighting other people's contents, whether videos or audios. You should make high quality videos because the competition is much.
You can make money from your YouTube channel through the Google AdSense (the easiest) and then affiliate marketing, brand advertisements and many other ways!
If you don't know how to create a YouTube channel yet, please refer to this article.

- Blogging

Blogging seems to be my most interesting way of making money online, and I think auto-blogging is one of the best niches you can queue in to.
One of the biggest auto-blogs in Nigeria is AutoJosh.com, and he is making good money online from the site. We can help you set up your blog at only ₦9,000 and then give you our eBook, 'The Successful Blogger' free of charge (on demand).

Now, in blogging, there are so many things involved. You have to write and publish good contents and then generate traffic to them before you can actually make money.
You cannot start blogging blindly and succeed quickly, except you are some kind of nerd...Lol!
However, we have a good number of articles on blogging, and you can refer to them.

Which ever of the two you chose, they are very lucrative but need your commitments to succeed! You cannot make money online if you are lazy.
If you want to start making as much as $1,000 on your own without much capital, please visit this post now.
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