How To Make $1,000+ Monthly Creating Blogs For People [A MUST READ]

How To Make $1,000+ Monthly Creating Blogs For People [A MUST READ]
You read the title well right? I doubt if there's any regular job in Nigeria that will pay you as much as ₦300k a month.
If you think I'm lying, Google an average worker's salary in Nigeria. In fact, on average, a Nigerian worker makes $60 a month.
What would you use $60 a month to do?
- Feed yourself?
- Buy clothes?
- Transport yourself?
- Pay your rent?
- Subscribe your phone?
- Make calls?
 So sad... you're just living from hand-to-mouth! Many Nigerians are living that way anyways, and we would always put the blame on the government...haha!
[In Akon's voice] 'Why don't anybody wanna take blame?'

Lol...let me tell you to your face, bro, sis, it's your fault that you are still broke! Personally, I didn't have any capital before I started making money online, and I want to teach you one of my secrets now!
Shh...don't think it's difficult yet. Most of the things I do online are very easy - writing, graphics designing, affiliate marketing, blogging and co, they are very easy.
You don't make money from hard work, you make it by smart work!

Earlier 2017, I published my first eBook, 'Making Millions In Your Dark Room'. Inside the eBook, I taught a lot of secrets that have been helping me make as much as $700 monthly, even as a student and luckily, I have 40% discount on the book now.
If you are interested in getting one for yourself, please visit this page or contact me.
I'll deliver your own copy to your email less than 10 minutes after payments.

Now let's continue with what we have today, how you can start making a living online creating blogs for people. Last week alone, I helped around six people set up their blogs.
These six were the ones we successfully had a deal with, after the hefty bargaining and so on by the others.
Creating a blog takes me less than an hour, and I don't spend anything to do that, just $2. At the end, I charge the people I create it for ₦15,000 for that
Sometimes when free, I do it for ₦8,000 to ₦9,000 and that is my minimum.
As for the domain name, hosting, template and every other bla bla bla involved with the cost of production, I get them for less than $2.

Awesome isn't it? Let's say that the gain I get from creating one site is ₦10,000, if I create 10 sites a month, I have made ₦100,000 and that's bigger than so many workers' salaries.
Some months I get more than 10 clients, sometimes less, but I still have other things I do online.
After everything, I rake in more than $1000 a month from the comfort of my house!
I have taught so many students my easy ways of making more than $400 monthly as a student, and you can see it on this page!

Now after creating the site, you have just made ₦10,000 in an hour. Wait o, that is not the fixed price, you can charge anything you feel like, I just charge between ₦8,000 to ₦15,000 to make it very affordable, thereby rake in more customers.
That's all! You have just gotten your key to financial freedom.
To get yourself clients, you can run Facebook ads (works like magic), Twitter ads or any other one you chose. You can even decide to advertise in Facebook groups, it will also help you a lot, it has helped me so many times.

No matter your skill online, it should be able to make you good money online monthly. If you do not know how to create a blog yet, I can help you with that. 
I have a eBook, written by one of the most successful Nigerian bloggers that covers everything about creating the blog, and I'll teach you a big secret on how I can get unlimited domain names from GoDaddy at only $0.99.

I'd give you the eBook and my big secret at only ₦2,500 or $10. If you are interested (I'm sure you are), shoot me a call or text via +2349072979302 or contact me.
For those that want to pay by mobile transfer, you can also get my account details on this page.
Please endeavor to say that you want to learn how to start creating blogs for people, because I get a lot of calls.
I don't want to share it free so we don't abuse it and I have limited slots because I don't like competitions, teaching so many people would cause that.
Contact me today and say welcome to your own financial freedom!

Thanks for reading along! Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends! Money must be made this year.
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