5 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Instagram Handle

5 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Instagram Handle
We all love to making money online, but the truth is that the internet money is not everyone! Have you ever sat down to imagine your Instagram account paying you?
I mean, someone would pay you to post photos and things like that...
Don't worry, we'd talk about that. One of the things you need to make money online is a PayPal account. Nigerians aren't allowed to use PayPal account, so if you can create an account, you could actually make yourself thousands of Naira monthly helping people set up accounts. If you want to know more, you can visit this page.

When was the last time you visited Instagram? Well, I don't really know, but I visited my own profile just before I started writing this article...Lol! You go there to laugh, get emotional and watch other people's lives.
Like, you just bump into a video of Davido riding his private jet, watch it and feel like you just achieved something. You didn't even bother thinking about the data you just consumed, and how much you spend on the site daily.
For me, each day I spend a reasonable amount of time on Instagram, I spend nothing less than ₦500. This means that a month, it would be taking my ₦15,000 + my precious time. Time that you could have invested elsewhere, or even slept.
So that's enough for an intro. Let's talk about how you can start making money from that your Instagram handle, even without plenty followers.

How To Make Money Online From Your Instagram Handle

There are so many ways to make money online now. I recently shared an article on how you can start making as much as $400 monthly even as a student. If you missed it, please visit the article now!
In making money from your Instagram account, there are a few things that matter:

- Your post reach: How many people on average see your posts? How engaging is your account? You can actually boost this by the use of hashtags and running of ads.
- People's trust for your handle: One thing you must do to start making money online is to build your brand. For instance, people known and trust Harsh Agrawal, and know that he can't possible run away with their money, so they patronize his services. If you are an authority in your niche, that is one of the advantages. You will get loyal audience who would stake it their lives that this guy is trusted.
- The number of followers you have: Depending on what you are promoting, you will need followers. For instance, if you have 50,000 followers who follow you because you talk about fashion products, you would be selling more than 100 of your products a day.
Now imagine selling 100 ₦3,500 tshirt, you just made ₦350,000 and life goes on.

Even if you do now have enough followers, you can run Instagram ads and it will both grow your handle and sell your products. It is simply killing of two birds with one stone!

After seeing the things you need to progress, the next thing would be how to make money with your Instagram handles. Before we continue, please follow us on IG @TalkTalkTwins. Please do that now...
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- Selling of your own products

Have you ever imagined owing a store or even boutique? Now have you imagined that you'd never have to pay for the shop all the days of your life?
Well, Instagram is here with the opportunity. You can now create a business account (store) free, post your products and get the opportunity to reach an unlimited audience.
If you aren't reaching enough people, you can even make use of relevant hashtags and of course, promote your products.

- Selling of your services

If you are a graphics designer, you make good videos, music and things like that, you can actually get yourself clients from this grand social network. I have a tailor friend who makes good money online from his business.
All he does is to make clothes for people, have them take photos with them and then he posts it on his wall. As far as the clothes are beautiful, he would attract more buyers to himself and he keeps making money. All you need to do is measure yourself and send him, then he will waybill the clothes to you after making.
Remember that the opportunities online are so much and the audience unlimited. You can also make a living for yourself offering one or two services.

- Dropshipping

You can also make money on Instagram selling other people's products to others. It is very easy! All you need to do is advertise it as yours, when they buy, you buy from the seller and then deliver to them.
We have earlier published an article on how you can make ₦150,000+ monthly dropshipping in Nigeria. You can read it up now!

- Affiliate marketing

If you don't want to sell your own products or services, and don't want to go into dropshipping, you can also refer people to purchase other people's items and make money.
I have seen people refer others to where they bought a particular cloth, and then they give a special link which once you click on it and make any purchases, they get a percentage.
You can see more about affiliate marketing on this page.

- Advertisements

You can get paid to advertise on your own Instagram, especially if you have a good number of engaging followers. The only way to get yourself engaging followers if by doing something relevant, say music, comedy, controversies and bla bla bla.

What else do you need? As for me, I need money, after money, I still need money...Lol! Instagram can give it to you.
All you need to do is play your card well. Which of the above methods do you love mostly?
Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends!
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