How To Get A Website For Your Business At Only ₦19,999

How To Get A Website For Your Business At Only ₦19,999
In this technology age, one of the only ways to succeed in your business is to take it online.
It doesn't matter what you own - a boutique, restaurant, jewelry shop, etc, you MUST take it online if you want to triple your profits.

Now take for instance, you base in Lagos State, and you make cakes for people. The only people who will ever patronize you are the people who know that you exist, and the only way to get yourself more buyers is if you get know people to know that you exist.
How can you make more people know that you exist? 


The only way to make more people know that you exist is by advertising yourself.

Let's keep that aside. Can you afford a page on the major newspapers with your small business? I recently checked the prices for a full page on some of the major newspapers in Nigeria today and the cheapest I saw was ₦800,000.
What about TV and radio ads? They aren't also cheaper. You could be budgeting millions yet the conversions wouldn't be that impressing...

So what is the way forward?

The way forward is the internet. I don't mean it is one of the ways, it is basically the only way! There is something website owners enjoy that others do not, and it is called free traffic!
Everyday millions of queries are keyed into Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. How many do you benefit from?

Imagine 20 people who are searching for 'cake makers in Lagos State' landing on your website, 5 could end up patronizing you.
Remember that the 20 people are already interested in cakes, but at least 20% would end up buying. The rest might leave because you are too expensive, stay in a far location or favorite your page to return back.
Thus is the power of taking your business online! Now what is you have a little money to spend? You can actually pay Google a token to send people to your site. You could direct people to your website for as low as ₦40 and if they end up purchasing your item, you make a gain of ₦5,000+...

However these things aren't possible except you own a website. You need a landing page where the visitors would come, so you present your business to them in a very sweet manner that they would never be able to resist!
We are in the tech age, you need to become the real boss. Nigeria has over 100 million people who have access to the internet. If you can sell to 1% of this population, you will be a millionaire!
Why keep begging for clients?

Our Offer

Creating a website isn't one of the cheapest things you can do for your business. Some people charge up to ₦150,000 to create a simple static website, while some charge in millions...Yeah!
However, we are here for the small business enterprises. We want to help you set up a website for only ₦19,999!
Amazing right? Well, this is a limited time offer. We cannot be able to keep it so cheap forever.
Would you join the early birds who would get an amazing ₦50,000 off our normal price of ₦70,000 or would you wait till the price goes up?

Here's what we do for all the sites we create:

- Website hosting: You do not need to host your site again, we handle that for you!
- Domain name: A domain name is a must, it's either you claim your business name today or your competitor will. We will also handle that for you.
- SSL: Do you see that green padlock at the beginning of the link on this site? It's called SSL. It means the site is secured to shop on and builds your trust. We will also see to that!
- Search engine optimization: You need to get free traffic from Google and other search engines if your business must thrive, and only the gurus can do that for you. We are the gurus, we will also see to that!
- Backlinks: Backlinks are one of the secrets on why we get over 2,000 free daily visitors from search engines. We will give you 20 high DA backlinks to push your new website to the top.
- Premium themes: Some themes cost more than ₦25,000, but we have already purchased them in bulk for building people's sites. We also optimize them fully so that you do not get to see any site similar to yours. Everything will be unique, that is why we are here to help!

...and best of all, we do not back out after creating your websites. For the next two months, we will be there for you to see to any further needs.

How long does it take to get your site?

We normally deliver in 48 hours, but when we have much work, you get your site in maximum 72 hours.

Must you pay for everything before we start work?

No...but we need you to pay at least 50% so we will know that you are serious with the deal.
However if you can pay for all, we will still be ok with that.

What's more? It's time to push your business to the next level. Don't just go without getting a business website. Kindly contact us today or call/WhatsApp +2349072979302 and/or +2348157449397.
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