How To Make ₦50,000+ Monthly By Telling Your Friends About Jumia One App

How To Make Money With Jumia One App
How about I show you a way of making money online legitimately by just downloading a regular app?
I know we all have smartphones and have popular apps like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook in our phones. I know these apps are useful, at least they help you connect with your friends all over the world in seconds.
The big question now is, have you made money from those apps before? If yes, kudos, you're among the 10% wise Nigerian youths. If no, don't worry, before then end of this article, you'd know an easy way of monetising your Facebook friends while still helping them.

What is the Jumia One App?

It is a single app that will help you recharge your line, make purchases from Jumia, book hotels, order for food online and lots more.
With the Jumia One App, you'll:
• Get 4% instant bonus as cashback on all your Airtime and Mobile Data recharges; up to ₦2500 cashback on each purchase!
• Get 20% cash back on your first transaction if you use this link.
• Get ₦50 cashback on each TV subscription payment!
• Pay ZERO service fee on utility bills like DStv, GOtv, Startimes, Smile, Swift, Spectranet, and electricity bills. You'll also be saving a minimum of ₦100 on each transaction.
• Paying for your bills through a secured platform.

How To Make Money With Jumia One App

There are many different ways of making money from the Jumia One app but the most popular is the Jumia one referral bonus in which you earn ₦500 commission for every friend you tell about the app.
Like, if you can convince 10 of your friends to download the app, you'd be making ₦5,000. Who doesn't have up to 10 friends on his Facebook list?

To start earning from the Jumia one referral system, you simply have:

• Sign up with this link
• To make a purchase with the app. It can be anything, even ₦50 airtime. Good a thing, you'd earn 20% of your first purchase back
• Get your own referral link from your dashboard and start inviting your friends

As you invite, your earnings will increase and you can use the money to purchase anything from Jumia store, including a new laptop or phone. You just need to 'Checkout with Jumia pay'.
I personally use mine for recharging and to be honest, for the past two months I've not bought airtime. I use more than ₦15,000 airtime monthly.
Jumia One App has been supplying all my data needs and in fact, I even gift my friends data on a regular basis while earning commissions.

What more? You an now start making legit money online by inviting your friends to use the Jumia One app. Just give them your link, they download the app and you earn ₦500, so easily.
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