Igbo Clifford

...so on the 11th of August, few years ago, in a Federal Medical Center, one of the capitals of an Eastern Nigerian state, two crazy 😂 siblings were born. Crazy because they were born two instead of one. Crazy because they always imagined they could change the world! People were rejoicing that the best mom in the whole wide world had given birth to twins, Momma herself was blushing 😉, while Clifford and Stanford were 😥😥😥...
Igbo Clifford

It didn't take long and we hopped into kindergarten. On and on and on, we got better than we were born...
...but our craze were still there, and so on a stupid afternoon, a crazier idea jumped our way, why not start blogging? We were good writers, and I was first published when I was just 14 years old, and again when I was 15, why wouldn't I succeed on this fun-filled world of the internet? I thought about it, how will I get readers? How will I show my friends I have a blog? Won't I be laughed at? Which niche is even the best? Won't I... 😴 ?
So many thoughts about the new career flying up and down but I...
Igbo Clifford

...jumped straight to Google and in less than 48 hours, we were bloggers. That was in the year 2016. After becoming the first Nigerian twin bloggers, I knew there was something more than that. I had wanted to be anything greater than Igbo Clifford, greater than Mark Zuckerberk, John Chow, Linda Ikeji and other crazy people around my little world. I knew it took craziness to cause a revolution and so I will be the craziest I can.
Clifford and Stanford

I started talking too much. I started writing e-books and they were selling pretty good (you can visit our shop). I started making YouTube videos, answering questions on Quora, disturbing my Facebook fans and friends and doing many other crazy things.

You can see that I'm very tall and I had taller dreams.
Igbo Clifford

I made a very few crazy friends, because I have a great phobia for friends. 

Igbo Clifford

I read a lot, that Mama even had to say that it was why I used glasses...Lol.
She too used so I think I got it from her together with intelligence. I read Things Fall Apart in my Primary 5 when my mates were still reading 20 pages novels and cartoons. 
I became a big fan of James Hadley Chase after reading his One Bright Summer Morning and fell in love with Chimaamanda Adichie after reading Purple Hibiscus.
I love good music, I love good rap and I love good movies. Maybe Justin Bieber is my best, maybe Nasty C, or Westlife, Celine Dion, Matty B Raps or even you...Lol. You can be, only if you can make me love your music.

I did some very silly things like uploading Stanford's photos as mine, making it be like he stole my own photos, keeping awake all night even if it was not paying, chasing some dreams I felt I could never get and writing a post like this when I should have been sleeping.

Igbo Clifford

...and always felt you should see these few weird things about me:
- I'm a weird music addict, and I love good dresses.
- I'm one of the very few Africans who believe they can change the world...
- I'm sapiosexual and feminist!
- I'm single, my Facebook profile says so but I really wonder how true it is.
- I love you 💖
...And now that you have seen all about me, what am I to you?
A cool dude? Please follow me on Twitter
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A crazy blogger? Please add me on Facebook.
Igbo Clifford

What and what do I live for? 
- I'm a student, yes I'm always a student.
- I'm a nutritionist, at least I got a degree in that.
- I'm a journalist, I always dreamt of being one, now I'm happy dreams come true.
- I'm a web designer. Thanks to Google, I spent months tryna learn the skill, and I'm glad I graduated from my tutorials.
- I advertise for firms, companies and business. We know the best way to reach the right people with the best budget.
Igbo Clifford

- I write music, that's if your genre fits mine.
- I'm a poet, novelist and freelancer. That's my favorite of all!
- I'm a model, at least for some pretty companies that fit into my stature.

You can also check out my blogs, Know, Information Guide Africa and Reporter 247

I'm also available on Quora, Linked In and any other place you can think of.  You can call me Clifford, Pills, Chimaizuobi, Chima or my surname, Igbo. 
I know we are now friends 😛 !

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- Blog creation
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- Advertising of products
- Writing of e-books
- Graphics designs
Igbo Clifford

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Igbo Stanford

Did I miss anything? Stanford must have spoken about it...
Peace out...🙌